Morning pages time again. Just let the thoughts go. This past week I’ve average 5 hours sleep. I’ve had some amazingly productive days, and some blah days. But overall, it was a get back on track week. Funny, it seems I am always having a get back on track day/week. This reminds me of a […]

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What is she like?

This morning I drew these three cards. In the back of my mind were some thoughts about love. This past week I’ve counseled a couple of young men on relationships, on setting boundaries, on emotional responsibilities, and so on. In a couple of podcasts, unrelated to relationships, they remarked the importance, or at the least… […]

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The Pretender

A man under the control of a deceitful, selfish, abusive woman, is damned near doomed. If she is crafty enough she can maintain her control for a very long time. If not, she will overplay her hand at some point and he will suddenly see her clearly.

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Driving in Traffic with Virtue

This morning I was reading some Marcus Aurelius. Then I got into my car and drove to South Salem HS where I mentor two boys. While driving there I noted how I had short outbursts at people driving as fools. Not road rage, but an elevated spurt of emotion all the same. I was observing […]

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Nauthiz is a favorite rune of mine. It is simply a straight line with another one crossing it at an angle. If I told you to imagine rubbing two sticks together to try and light a fire, you might imagine this.  I love this rune. It is one of my favorites.  Symbols have this amazing […]

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why the beginning?

laying down some groundwork for the book that I’m writing. Here is a draft. Next up is beginning myths. Yup, creation myths and why that might matter. A couple of decades ago I was somewhere between Nevada and Japan and had walked to a phone booth on whatever post I was on so that I […]

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Meet the opponent

Brigit starts her career as a fighter in the arena. The dwarf had run off elsewhere, pulled by the many responsibilities he had keeping all the fighters ready and in good shape for the games. The halfling, however, was still beside her. He laughed and seemed at ease in the moment, but Brigit could tell that […]

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Brigit goes to the Arena

It is NANOWRIMO time and I’ve got a couple of characters in mind. I’m not sure if I will write the comedy piece that came to mind. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows. But this is an exciting time. The community of people online in forums, Twitter, Facebook, who all share their stories and encourage each […]

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The Dwarf goes outside

More stream of consciousness writing. I’ve never been happy with how dwarves are portrayed in books. They are usually little more than drunken fighters who speak with a Scottish accent. I’ve been curious as to the ‘why’ of their culture. What’s the background? How does this impact their daily lives and even their battle tactics? […]

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