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And life will always be

La vie en rose

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why the beginning?

laying down some groundwork for the book that I’m writing. Here is a draft. Next up is beginning myths. Yup, creation myths and why that might matter. A couple of decades ago I was somewhere between Nevada and Japan and had walked to a phone booth on whatever post I was on so that I […]

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Meet the opponent

Brigit starts her career as a fighter in the arena. The dwarf had run off elsewhere, pulled by the many responsibilities he had keeping all the fighters ready and in good shape for the games. The halfling, however, was still beside her. He laughed and seemed at ease in the moment, but Brigit could tell that […]

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Brigit goes to the Arena

It is NANOWRIMO time and I’ve got a couple of characters in mind. I’m not sure if I will write the comedy piece that came to mind. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows. But this is an exciting time. The community of people online in forums, Twitter, Facebook, who all share their stories and encourage each […]

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The Dwarf goes outside

More stream of consciousness writing. I’ve never been happy with how dwarves are portrayed in books. They are usually little more than drunken fighters who speak with a Scottish accent. I’ve been curious as to the ‘why’ of their culture. What’s the background? How does this impact their daily lives and even their battle tactics? […]

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Katerina buys the dress

I paused a bit in my writing to read something I wrote during a NANOWRIMO a few years ago. This scene came out of nowhere. I just sat down and wrote and bam… this. But this is one of my favorite scenes that I’ve ever written. I do suck at picking out names for people. […]

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Mobius meets the caravan

More fun writing stream of consciousness stuff. Lots of stuff I don’t know about writing.   The dawn rose over the quiet desert. Various members of the caravan began packing their tents up, others readied some breakfast. Travel across the desert could be strenuous and it was smart to begin the day with a hearty […]

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Mobius versus the skeletons

Mobius furiously threw fire bolt after fire bolt. Around him were heaps of skeletons and small fires dying out. But more climbed than were lying. He didn’t relent. Seeing a clump of skeletons to his right, he pulled out a scale of a Red Dragon and held it aloft between his fingers and began uttering a words in draconic. The red scale left his fingers and floated in the air around him, faster and faster, glowing with an increasing fire until there was a solid ring of fire hovering around him. Mobius opened his eyes, stretched both arms forward, and yelled durgoloth proflamenesti exule! The flame filled the space between his arms and shot out in a long column of flame down the hill and through a mass of skeletons. Skeletons were covered with fire and they mouthed silent screams. Many fell on the spot. But not all.

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I went to go see a Garbage tonight. They are one of my favorite bands of all time. I adore their music and have always respected the genuine, authenticity of Shirley Manson and the band. Seriously, great stuff. I had bought the tickets months ago and have been looking forward to it. But today I […]

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Thoughts on Odin

While attending Faeryworlds this last weekend and reading and drinking between musical acts, I had some thoughts on Odin. Feminine arts of Seidr I’m not convinced that the feminine aspect here is sexual. It may be other things. Take the raw, masculine power found in Thurisaz, the rune of Thor. It is immediate. It is […]

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