Someone was shot outside my door

Here it is… another day. It has been quite some time since I last sat at this particular computer, While I do a lot of work on the computer at my place of employment, I rarely come home and write since I have been putting in so many hours. But I feel as though this is a stepping stone. To what, I don’t know. I have just changed my word processor to Word 97. I am hoping to work with the same type of program as what is required of me. At school this was WordPerfect, but now it is Word. I loke some of the features of Word. One of which is the header you see on the top of the page. I like the ability to include a gif into my document and the easier preview capability.

Okay, so I have changed looks in word processors, what else. I have also changed looks in attire. I must wear a tie to work every day. I like this better than wearing the bennigan’s uniform to work every day. Also, I am not as stressed out when I come home from work. It feels more like I had a good days work instead of a hard day’s work. But I look forward to buying some jackets and a suit or two (three or six). I will probably have to enlist the help of Eileen in this matter… I am not that good when it comes to fashion.

I slept late today, till about 11:20 or so. I didn’t get to bed early as I was babysitting Christian, my girlfriend’s 3 year old son. He amazed me with some of his increased skills. He has come a long way since last I saw him. He seems to be trying to get a sense of self sufficiency, or to use more apt terms, the devolopment of the ego. It is very interesting to see, what a joy it must be for Eileen to chronicle his development and to see how far he comes every day. This must truly be one of the great joys of parent hood. Perhaps someday I too will be able to experience it better.

Last night, while watching Christian, I heard one shot, then followed by about three more in rapid succession. I knew what it was and instantly I went on alert and it was only Christian that stopped me from instantly running outside to intervene. I don’t know why, I was already in motion and had the door open to leave, with a weapon in hand (although the weapon was nothing more than a stick, I will make it do) and had stepped out on the balcony. Christian, sensing the alarm in me and perhaps shaken by the loud noises, began crying terribly. I stopped and went ot Christian. I could not abandon him and I did not want this to be a moment which would define who he was. Child development is very important. I did not want to impress upon him anything. I turned to him, closing the door behind me and he latched upon me. He would not let go of my shirt and was crying furiously telling me he was scared. I realized that my behavior was not helping, so I turned into a calm, passive person and told him everything was okay. While I rubbed his back and whispered in his ear that he was okay, he calmed down. I sat him on the couch and gave him a pillow. He seemed to be okay. I went to the door and said that I was on the other side of it. He still seemed okay. I then went outside and locked the door. I then ran to the scene, which was only a couple of feet from the bottom of my stairs. I ran to the body and there were four other people there, friends probably, and they were yelling and screaming at him to hang on. I had brought a towel and there was a wound on the upper left area of the chest. I placed the towel there and told a bystander to apply direct pressure. I then went to my car and grabbed my stethoscope and blood cuff. I chedked the pulse of the wounded. His pulse was very weak and thready. His breathing was shallow and regular. The biggest problem was trying to get the friends to calm down. I heard the distant sound of the ambulance and I told a guy, in a loud and authoritarian voice, to stand in the middle of the street and direct the ambulance to us. I then refirmed to one of the guys the need to keep direct pressure on the wound. Then the ambulance had arrived and I then got up and left. I did not get any stats or a correct assessment of the victim. It was a little too late to effectively do anything of value. I then went inside and got Christian. He was still a little shaken up, but was hanging in okay. I grabbed him, put his shoes on and took him outside. By this time there were police on the scene and people actually came out. I thought that it would be a good idea to take him to see Eileen. Mom is a very important part in a sense of security. He wanted to hold my hand in the car.

At work at the restaurant I told Eileen what happened and it did Christian good to see her. We stayed an hour and then came back home. We watched Barney twice and then fell asleep. Eileen came and picked him up and that was that.

Now it is Sunday and I have not seen a movie in quite some time. I believe that I am going to go see one. If I could do it while getting my tires fixed, I will do this.

But I am enjoying my day off. I am going to go outside and enjoy it.


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