Go Ahead… Pull the Trigger

Almost Thirty Years Old
Still haven’t got it right
Have you?

Why torment yourself further?
Pull the trigger.

Nobody cares, really,
They are all as selfish as you
Deep Inside

Go ahead, do it
Pull the Trigger

Don’t think of the bullet through bone
It will last only a second,
Someone will find you and clean up the mess

Trade a life of misery for one second of pain,
pull the trigger.

You’ve tried, you really did
Nobody will fault you for any failure
You tried to live and to love,
But none loved you,
Pull the trigger

Why the concern for piercing bullet?
It doesn’t compare to the anquish of your heart
Do you really think there hope in tomorrow?

Nobody cares,
Pull the trigger.

Sure, your family will cry, at first
and perhaps when your birthday comes by,
but they’ll get over it after a while

You can have peace in an instant,
Pull the trigger.


Would that I could, my mind is weary, I am once more shunned. It is a broken record, soon I shall be as well. The barrel is a temptress, I cannot hold the gun for long, my will fades with each second. I must put it out of reach. But I can’t, it is a miracle cure that I desire to take. Socrates was right in his last words.


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