The Tarot Cards Read Well

I know… I know… self fulfilling prophesy. But I’ve used Tarot for a few years now and it has been uncanny in its ability at times. There were two themes that came up on a recent reading that I did. One said that a relationship would end, I had the tower card. The other theme was a change and new situation and comfort. But it wasn’t an earthy reading and the signs pointed to perhaps another person. At least this was my reading.

Now, a few days later, a friend of mine has flipped out on me. I don’t understand but I wish her well. I think there were too many assumptions made, but regardless, I have now been accused of being a callous bastard. Okay, I accept and wish her well.

Another friend is entering the stage within this play. How will this act turn out? Who knows. I’m attracted to her and it is likely that I will hit the gym extra hard now. HA.

Now it is time to go to work and make my paltry $12. I’m going to have to put more effort into finding a decent paying bar. I’m a damn good bartender!


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