Mmmmmm…. that was a good dinner. Outside my window I watch a woman unpack some baggage from her trunk. My hands itch to feel her skin. Before me a glass of wine is half full and a bottle is near empty. It is a pleasant cabernet from Chile. On the radio is a two hour Miles Davis marathon since his birthday would have been this saturday. The open window breezes cool air through a fresh bouqet of irisis on my desk. The crescent moon hangs in a thin sliver in the dusky western sky.

I had to work the day shift today and I thought that I would cook tonight. I had the urge. You know the urge. You want to compliment a wine to a dinner, to anticipate it with an appetizer, match the desert, and do it all in your own home and not to go out to a restaurant damnit! I took two cookbooks with me to work today. I was going to find something good, stop by a store and buy the ingredients, and go home a cook it. Well I was late in getting out of work and I was looking through the cookbooks, but I wasn’t really paying attention. It was already 7 pm and sunset would be in another two hours. Screw it… I would just go to the store and pick up whatever grabs me. Hopefully it would have been a nice looking woman but I wanted to be home for the sunset.

At the store my first stop was the flowers. I picked out an iris bouquet and continued on. There were some turkey strips for sale and I bought them and turned into the asian food section. I was going to buy some ingredients and make a Thai stirfry, but when I got to the frozen food section I saw a tasty looking chicken dinner in a bag. I know what you are saying, but this isn’t some t.v. dinner, it was a matter of packaging. I chose the alfredo chicken variety and put all the various ingredients for my Thai stirfry back up. I also picked out some romaine lettuce and such and ended my shopping with a bit of cheese and a wine. Being Safeway, their wine selection is less than desired. If possible I will buy an Oregon wine (trying to familiarize myself with the local wineries) but if not, then I’ll get whatever grabs me. I ended up with a Chilean Cabernet simply because of the label. Its name was Gato Negro (the black cat) and since I have a black cat, I chose it and walked happily to the checkout.

Can you tell that I am a little buzzed? Well, I am. Being a cheap wine ($6) it is surprisingly good, has a moderate body to it and is not as encroaching as many cabernets. An easy wine to drink (as is obvious by the near empty bottle).

I got home and started the turkey to grilling and tossed the salad. I then nibbled on some of the cheese and had a glass of the wine. When the turkey was finished I started the chicken alfredo while I enjoyed my turkey caesar salad in the window watching the sunset in the western sky. The time between the day and the night is my favorite time. The colors seem more pronounced, as if there were some inner radiant light. The clouds picked up the reds and the purples of the setting sun and the greens of the trees became much more fuller. I am on the third story of the apartment building so I havea good view of the western sky. My room was filled with the scent of the evening, the cooking meal, and the sounds of jazz over the radio.

The caesar salad was wonderful.

The entree was next and I relished it. It was five times what I am used to eating, but I considered this a feast. No holy days, no special occaision, no needed reason to behave in such manner. I simply enjoyed a bottle of wine, some tasty food, fresh cut flowers, an enchanting sunset, and intoxicating melodies on the radio. It was a celebration of life. Everything was loved. I loved the tanginess of the salad dressing. I loved the way the light reflected through the wine in the glass, giving it a dark, somber red glow. I loved the dancing bassline behind the various soloist in the music. To hear a good fretless bass player slap his way around on a piece is a treat indeed! I loved the curves of the legs of the woman whos picture just flashed across my computer’s screensaver. I love the comedy of my small kitten (now named Achiles) chasing my other, larger and older cat, Pandora, across the room.

Life moves pretty fast sometimes. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you just might miss it (Ferris Bueler’s Day Off).


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