Keep on breathing…

Have you ever tried to stay depressed while a kitten is chasing a toy across the room with reckless abandon? It’s hard to do so. After moping around for an hour or so after getting up I finally got some coffee started in the french press and put on a CD. I’ve a few things on my agenda before I go to work. I’ve ggot to come up with some drinks to put on table tents in the lodge, study for my Oregon driver’s license, and write a letter to a few government reps (including the anti-environment Gale Norton) about the fate of a newly created monument in Southwestern Oregon.

I am reminded of Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway. I have to keep breathing… I have to stay alive. Though today might be the same as yesterday, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

On the floor my Achilles, the vicious man-eating kitten, has walked over and pounced on her regal higness Pandora. They had a brief tussle but now Pandor is cleaning Achilles like a protective mother. Of course Achilles is a young boy and doesn’t want any cleaning… he wants to play and between persistent licks from Pandora he will return with a jab or a kick between her ears. She ignores it and keeps on licking. These two cats are as necessary for me as the Wilsom soccer ball was for Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway.

I see a beautiful woman ride down the street. I notice her and wonder how many women, if any, notice me. I feel as though I am the invisible man. How many times have I watched and fallen in love with someone’s smile from across a room?

I have to keep breathing…


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