Thursday night bartending

Starla went to L.A. and I covered her bartending shift. Woo Hoo… a chance to make some money. But as fortune would have it, it was the slowest Thursday night I’ve seen. It was horribly slow. But I made some pocket change and I’m happy about it.

I got a lead on a bar that might be looking for a bartender. I’m going there tomorrow at noon to make my case for the job.

All the top brass were in tonight. The owner, both GM’s, the head accountant… everyone in a meeting. Funny thing is that not a single person came up to me and said “so Ed, I hear you’re leaving us” or anything. No questions, no byes, no nothing. Seems I wasn’t that popular there after all. No problem. I was not happy there and I’m glad I’m moving on.

Right now I’m pretty tired, the end of a long day. I’ve got a full plate scheduled tomorrow. Right now I’m craving strawberry cake.


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