Another day

Today I ran out to a couple restaurants and put in my application. No dice yet. Wasting time before work I stopped by Borders. It was hard not to walk out of the store with a really nifty book of philosophy that I saw. It had the original writings from many of the European philosopher; Descarte, Locke, Hume, Kant, Nietzsche, Spinoza, and more. Oooohhhh… I was in love!

I didn’t make it out of the store without a book though. I’m addicted to them. I saw a cheap copy of “The Voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle” (Darwin’s 5 year trip where he started his ideas of evolution). I started reading it while eating some Jack n the Box burgers before work. A good read so far!

My last night at Divas will be Monday night… the day before payday. HA! Several of the girls have come up to me and have expressed that they will miss me. Sure there are some who don’t like me, but I feel on the whole I was liked by the staff. The things that they’ve said to me by several people were much more than “we’ll miss you”. They were specific in their attention and reasons and they were sincere (some, though not all). I really appreciate that and I’ll miss “my girls”.

I’ve got another lead on a restaurant. So I’ll go check them out tomorrow.

I’ve been CRAVING strawberry cake for three days now. I fixed my bike tire today ($40) and so I stopped by the grocery store. Not a single batch of strawberry cake mix anywhere! So I got German Chocolate Cake instead.


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