Tarot Cards

Major Arcana
The coyote stands with his mouth in a twitch, ears in a V, and arms straight down balled into fist. His legs shift his weight over to the side. His glare is penetrating and deep.

This is a card of great silliness and wisdom. The deep gaze signifies the coyote’s ability to see through B.S. while the ears being in the form of a V with a slight bend in them show that he is aware of all things around him, especially those unseen. The balled fist show that he is unrelenting in his attack/pranks and the shifted balance of the posture show the ease of moving from complete seriousness to total tom-foolery, as befitting a trickster.

Divinatory Meanings: You are much too serious for your own good. Take this time to play a joke on somebody and let them know that it was you (because you need a joke played on you also). Play hooky from work today, take off with a beautiful woman and head for the beach for an afternoon of margaritas and sex in the sand. The come back home and watch Monty Python.
Reversed: What is this… a joke? While everyone around you is smoking and joking, you my friend are being screwed over. It is time to take action and do so in a serious manner. Nothing less than a dozen custard pies and a steel determination will do here. Take the pies to work… you know what must be done.
Allies and Enemies: Allies to use are hookers, veterinarians, barristas, librarians, pastry chefs, beauticians, and wiccan priestesses.

Enemies to avoid are republicans, country music singers, house painters, UPS delivery guys, and pimps.

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