Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Capricorn

This astrological combination points to a very strong personality with the resources for success and possible eminence in the field you choose. To any business or professional undertaking you bring shrewdness, reliability, and perseverance. Your mind has a subtle quality that allows you to grasp and deal with complex issues and important undertakings without being overawed by the burden of responsibilities.

Much about you is hidden. You conduct your affairs under a cloak of diplomacy and reserve. But you are thoroughly ambitious and desire to reach great heights. There is, however, one pitfall to be avoided: soberness is a virtue, but you should avoid being too severe.

The key to a more harmonious existence lies in avoiding solitude and counteracting your tendency to be overly independent. Express your nature within society and avoid letting your determined and self-sufficient personality inhibit your functioning among friends and associates.

Ascendant in Libra, Venus in the Second House

At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Libra was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Venus is located in the second house.

This denotes a life in which the native adopts an attitude which is courteous, kind, and affectionate.

People with Libra Ascendant are basically motivated by feeling and emotion rather than intellectuality. Your life will demonstrate your keenness of observation, and a tendency to effect comparisons largely of an aesthetic nature. You will not display too much energy in your actions and, therefore, there is a tendency toward following routine and the lines of the least resistance. You are a sympathetic person who seeks the approval of others and is also very adaptable. Your intuition is remarkable and you derive sensual gratification from engaging in social intercourse, by loving all social aspects of life.

If you do not control this tendency to be so involved in human relationships, you may become too attached and over dependent.

Some restlessness, changeability and lack of persistence is noted in your life. Your main feature is that of constantly favoring the fusing of two things or people together.

Unfortunately, this involvement with harmonizing and adjusting people to one another, tends to make the native a little unrealistic and lacking in action. You will be, however, easy going and congenial, socially oriented and preoccupied with adornments, clothing, social conventions, standards, and aesthetics. In love, if you cause the relationship to be a serious one, you will find that the affair is the consequence of your own interest in flattering yourself rather than to satisfy any profound emotion.

Professionally, you will be inclined to activities which require a high degree of culture and even artistic knowledge.

The fact that your ruler is positioned in this house is an indication of how important earning a living will be in your life. Because the ruler is Venus, we do not anticipate too much hard work but rather an easy going life where, though you will be responsible for earning your own money, it nevertheless will be gained with ease.

You have a marked tendency to deal with things that are either gratifying from a hedonistic view or pleasing to the senses. Much gain will be forthcoming through social communication and the general public, and some profitable dealings from friends and influential persons.

Venus in the Second House

Venus, the planet of beauty, joy, and youth, is found in the second house at the time of your birth. Intrinsically, this is an ideal astrological position as it promises easy means of livelihood. Money will stream in regularly and readily without excessive effort or preoccupation.

Moon in the Third House

The Moon, the satellite that rules over the more personal emotions and feelings of human beings, appears in the third house at the time of your birth Your intellect is very sensitive to external events always changing and adjusting to the situation.

Memory is strong and of a pictorial nature. The mind, however, is liable to become too subjective and shallow with an overemphasis on superficial learning and with little practical use or lacking in intellectual sensibility. On the favorable side, there exists a vast reservoir of creativity which could be successfully applied to such pursuits as writing and poetry. Physically, the Moon will give you an intensely active life full of changes, mobility and fluctuations.

The demands of this position are simple: exert yourself in acquiring better control of your unstable and persistent imagination, increasing, thereby, powers of concentration and you will find delightful improvements not only at a mental level, but also in the ability to communicate with others more realistically.

Sun in the Fourth House

The Sun, celestial king and generator of energy, appears in the fourth house at the time of your birth. This is an indication that parental name, family affairs and other domestic matters are of the utmost importance in your life.

Sun brings honor, pride, and fame to anything under its influence, and it is indicated that the problem of these influences here is that proper success for you cannot materialize until you are well past your mature years. There appears to exist a very strong attachment to one of your parents.

You believe in being the “ruler” in your home, and the sense of privacy is extensively developed in your nature.

As life passes you will experience illuminating insights connecting your individuality with certain racial and family elements. Study them. You will then perhaps discover the nature of the spiritual mission which destiny requires of you.

Saturn in the Seventh House

Saturn, the kronos of the greek world, was found in seventh house at the time of birth. In your dealings with others, you are going to present a very cautious personality and you will work slowly towards the achievement of security. The environment will be a very restricting factor in your life; the same limitations that hinder your relationships with others will emerge in a narrowness of reception to your ideas and emotions. This indicates that the key to more spiritual and material development lies in your response to the several tests destined for you which consist of patiently enduring difficulties through human relationships.

You should remember that Saturn does not lend a propensity to be demonstrative in an emotional sense. It does, in those individuals with whom you will start a lifelong relationship, give a sense of duty and stability of emotions. Yet you are going to experience some sorrow throughout your married life. This is mostly going to consist of the several limitations that this state is imposing upon your personal freedom.

The key to a better integration of your existence lies in the ability to view these obstacles and binds with philosophical resignation.

Portrait – Short Edition

for Eddie Black (male)
born on 24 Jan 1971 local time 11:45 pm
in El Dorado, AR (US) U.T. 05+45
92w40, 33n12 sid. time 07:49:53


Planetary positions
planet sign degree house motion
Sun Aquarius 04°36’08 04 direct
Moon Capricorn 11°19’45 03 direct
Mercury Capricorn 11°14’06 03 direct
Venus Sagittarius 17°48’40 02 direct
Mars Sagittarius 01°22’09 02 direct
Jupiter Sagittarius 01°45’29 02 direct
Saturn Taurus 15°45’14 07 stationary (D)
Uranus Libra 13°32’33 12 retrograde
Neptune Sagittarius 02°38’23 02 direct
Pluto Virgo 29°33’27 12 retrograde
True Node Aquarius 23°41’13 04 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Libra 23°14’08
2nd House Scorpio 21°37’21
3rd House Sagittarius 22°40’43
Imum Coeli Capricorn 25°29’57
5th House Aquarius 27°59’54
6th House Pisces 27°40’48
Descendant Aries 23°14’08
8th House Taurus 21°37’21
9th House Gemini 22°40’43
Medium Coeli Cancer 25°29’57
11th House Leo 27°59’54
12th House Virgo 27°40’48

Major aspects
Sun Sextile Mars 3°14
Sun Sextile Jupiter 2°51
Sun Sextile Neptune 1°58
Sun Trine Pluto 5°03
Moon Conjunction Mercury 0°06
Moon Trine Saturn 4°25
Moon Square Uranus 2°13
Mercury Trine Saturn 4°31
Mercury Square Uranus 2°18
Venus Quincunx Saturn 2°03
Venus Sextile Uranus 4°16
Venus Sextile Ascendant 5°25
Mars Conjunction Jupiter 0°23
Mars Conjunction Neptune 1°16
Mars Sextile Pluto 1°49
Jupiter Conjunction Neptune 0°53
Jupiter Sextile Pluto 2°12
Saturn Quincunx Uranus 2°13
Neptune Sextile Pluto 3°05
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).


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