Sun Sextile Mars

You have a great deal of physical energy as well as a vigorous mind. Everything that you do, you do positively and assertively without any great effort. You are not especially conscious of being strong and assertive. It just comes out naturally.

You do not like to keep still or stay cooped up for any length of time, because you need to release energy continually. However, you are not terribly impatient, and you can control your energies as long as necessary. You have a strong sense of fairness and justice, and you will stand up for what you believe. If a friend is unjustly attacked, you will defend him. In a way, you regard your friends as being part of you, so that an attack on them is an attack on you, to which you react accordingly. For this reason you are a good team worker and player, although you can work by yourself if need be. You don’t especially need others in order to be effective, but you can work in harmony with them. However, it isn’t easy for you to adjust your goals to match other people’s so it would be better to seek out those who agree with you on important matters.

You have good health and need to be active. Try to engage in some physical activity as often as possible; otherwise you will begin to feel itchy and restless, as the energy within you tries to find release


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