Mercury in the Third House 3rd hs

You have a good mind and are eager to learn as much as possible, especially about your own little world, the world of your friends, neighbors and family. To learn more, you ask questions of everyone you meet. You are very fond of getting together with a friend to discuss all the subjects you are interested in. Your mind doesn’t stick to any one matter but wanders far and wide over many topics. In fact, there is a danger that you will not concentrate enough on any topic, because your attention span may be rather short. In the long run, it would be better to learn more about fewer subjects.

You don’t like to stay in one place for long, and that includes sitting in classrooms as well as staying in one part of the country. The more you can travel around, the better you like it. Even a short trip, such as going to school by bus, makes you feel happier about staying put for the rest of the day. On days when you cannot go out, you feel restless and confined. You want to be outdoors and riding around to see what is happening.

Aside from being too restless and impatient, you should be good at school, because you easily handle the ideas that are taught. Literature and writing may especially appeal to you, but you could be quite good at math and science.


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