aye yie yie

Saturn in the Seventh House 7th hs

This position has two distinct effects, and you may experience one or the other. The first of these effects is a definite problem in getting along with people at close range, in situations where you and another person must work together and act as partners in some way. You find it difficult to express yourself to the other person. You feel somewhat threatened and are unwilling to put your whole self into making the partnership work, because you are afraid of losing something, usually your freedom. The problem is that you think of a relationship as a responsibility that has very few compensating pleasures. Even though you feel quite lonely at times, you prefer to be alone. Your problem is that in a relationship you concentrate on what you have to give up, losing sight of what you gain. Try to change your way of looking at the situation.

If you experience the other effect of this placement, you still view relationships as a responsibility, but that only makes you more conscientious about living up to your end of the bargain rather than fearful of entering into one. Also you are careful to choose partners who are worth your while, people who can do something for you or teach you something. Thus you often prefer to be with older people. When you are older, this energy will probably result in your marrying late, because you want to be really ready for it. Or you may marry a considerably older person who acts almost like a parent to you. On the other hand, if you never overcome the difficult side of this placement, it is unlikely that you will ever marry at all.


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