yep… this is me

Mars Trine Midheaven

You have a strong sense of self, that is, you know who you are and what your rights are with regard to other people. You have considerable self-confidence and will fight for what you believe to be yours. On the other hand, you probably won’t try to dominate people. You do have a great deal of physical energy, however, especially in activities that you want to be involved in. As you get older, you will pour out energy in your work and career, and you will be known as a very hard worker. But you may not feel that you are working hard, because the energy comes so spontaneously that you do not regard it as work. For this reason you should look for a task or purpose that your life can revolve around, that you can identify closely with. While you are young, this may simply be a hobby, but later on it will be your career or life work. Fortunately, with this aspect you won’t have much trouble finding a purpose in life.

You are not especially competitive, but you are independent. You do not like to be dependent on other people, nor do you like anyone to interfere with the schedule you have set for yourself. Consequently you may find it easier to work and play alone than with others.

When you have to make a choice, you are usually able to do so quickly and easily, because you know pretty much what you want, and you go after it. If you don’t know which of two choices to take, you may make an arbitrary decision, feeling that making some choice is better than going nowhere.


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