Any given Sunday

I fell asleep before the Oregon football game was over with. They won easily, fifty something to 14. Boring.

Sunday I was semi-invited by one of my former girls at the strip club to come watch her play soccer (collegiate level playing against city teams for practice). Sunday is also NFL day and Da Bears are going to be on t.v. (FOX). But it is supposed to also be cloudy… and fall is definitely i the air. I want to take the bus to as close to Mt Pisgah as I can and then ride my bike the rest of the route. I want to spend the entire day. I want to do it when it is chilly, overcast, and the leaves are turning. If I hold off on Sunday to do it, I can’t do it Monday because between 2 and 4 I am applying at some ads I saw in the paper for bartender. But checking the weather forcast it says chance for showers on Tuesday. GREAT! Perhaps I can hold off until Tuesday to go… rain would be GREAT! Go outside, carry a thermos of coffee and a journal in a plastic bag, and sit in the arboretum and listen to the sound of rain drops in the forest. Sitting under an incense cedar or a large fir tree will keep me more than dry.

That’s my plan. Now… to see if I can turn these yawns into sleep at the unheard of hour of 1:00 am (much too early to go to sleep).


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