I was greatly perterbed when da Bears weren’t played on the t.v. today. Instead what was played???? Carolina and Detroit! Two crappy teams. It was overcast and I was feeling very very lazy… but at 11:50 I decided to get off my ass and go to the soccer game. Hopping on my bike, donning my bike helmet I took off. As usual I couldn’t help but sprint from red light to red light… trying to beat cars. I noticed that I felt bad… no energy at all. The reserves were down and I was soon out of energy when I hit the long stretch on Coburg road.

The soccer game was pretty interesting. There are several fields at the middle school and there were four games, only one of them were guys. I was surprised at the women in the league… women… average age looked about 30. I began to wonder if there were something like this for guys because after a while of watching other people in competition I wanted to get on the field and compete.

After the game I stopped by Borders en route home. There were a lot of people out. I noted a good looking girl across the way. She seemed utterly focused on her book search. I picked up the next book in the series by R.A. Salvatore and soon I found myself in the literature section checking out Dostoevsky. I had tried to read a bit of “Notes from the Underground” last year and while I only finished half of it, it did make a bit of an impression upon me. But for some reason, in various sources, I’ve come across Fyodor again and as such I found myself looking at his books in Borders. There were a few different copies of “The Brothers Karamazov” but I chose the cheap one. Not because of money, but because I liked the purple cover and the picture of the village with the distinctive Russian buildings.

Too much to read. I have the Raiders/Steelers football game on the t.v. but I am soon going to turn it off, put some music on in the background and dive into the books that I started reading in the Borders Cafe.

Tomorrow I go and apply for two jobs that were in the paper. Woo hoo.


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