Fantasy Football Update

I just noticed a problem while logging onto AOL to cancel my account. My fantasy football email address was AOL. Fixed it to MSN.

I won last week, but this week I only made one change to the roster. Who would have thunk that Jim Miller is having a better year than Kurt Warner? Where I am goofing is using too many wide recievers for this week. Two Bears and only one had a good week. This week, so far, I am down 106 to 61… a thorough butt kicking. Three things are attributed to my being beaten this week…

  1. Three wide recievers instead of two and two running backs
  2. High performance in peripheral positions (Gramatica had a good game compared to my Edinger)
  3. No stats from Monday Night football game yet between Philly and Washington, from which I have three players on my roster. Two Wide Recievers and a Tight End. Last week these three positions scored 32 points.

If the three players I’ve got left to get points from score what they did the week before (32), I’ll still be 13 points shy. It is highly unlikely that I’ll get the 45 points from three players, plus both teams are pretty good, plus one of the guys is working through an injury he got last week (which I overlooked).


I’m benching Kurt Warner and putting Bledsoe on the active roster. I need another running back and will rid myself of James Allen or Emmit Smith to get one. I’d like a bit of D… not happy with the Bucs so far.


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