That felt great. I needed that. At 20:30 hours I walked into the 24 hour fitness. Briefly I watched the hip hop aroebics class. There was a gorgeous woman in there  who had that hip swaying thing down pat. Like a mouse looking into the eyes of the snake I was hypnotized.

But I was on a mission and oggling at women wasn’t it. The cross trainers. I needed some cardio-vascular activity that was low stress on my knees. I’m getting old (grin) and I have Marine Corps knees (ask someone who was in the Marines, those miles of running and drilling with combat boots have side effects). I opted for the alternate tough, easy, tough, easy circuit. My easy reps were about 155 and my tough reps were about 220 per minute. I increased the resistance over the 30 minute time. And yes… I was indeed in competition with the guys next to me as I would occaisionaly steal glances at their resistance settings and strides per minute and I’d try to outdo them.

At first it was very herky jerky and was easy to sort of suspend my pelvis in space and just run my legs. That didn’t feel like a workout and I’d try to keep shifting my weight around to get the “feel” of the circuit trainer. A couple times in the beginning I was distracted by the two blondes working out in front of me, or looking to the side into the aerobics room to see that gorgeous woman do some very sexy moves. NO! I’d grit my teeth, turn the music up louder (Helloween, Iron Maiden, Yngwie Malmsteen) and stair into the machine, focusing only on my breath and the movements of my muscles.

After a while I got the hang of it, had a good focus on my movements, and when it hit the high points I’d really push myself to a faster pace. By my last high point set near the end I was really huffing and my side ached. That is good, but not good enough. There is an old saying around physical fitness time in the Marines and we’d run the three miles for a timed score, if you crossed the finish line and didn’t puke you didn’t push yourself hard enough for a good time. Several were the times that I crossed that line and looked for a nearby ditch, on the verge of puking my guts out… but it never came. It felt great though. Nothing like pushing yourself all out and then to come down from that adrenaline high. You coast.

Now I’ve got some jazz playing (Jazz for a rainy afternoon CD) and I’m going to plan out my day for tomorrow. Then it is reading time and hopefully (cross my fingers) a decent night of sleep.


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