Attention LJ Users


These are just some of the people that I note who read books on occaision. If I missed someone, chalk it up to my being too lazy to list everyone.

I had an idea. Okay… actually a few ideas.

Idea number 1

Each person lists two books (because we sometimes like to be serious and playful, innocent and naughty, moral and villanous) that he/she really really really really likes. This makes a booklist of probably good books to read. My dad’s favorite book, one of the few books he has sat down and read (when he was a kid I think) is Hemmingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”. I got it for him a couple years ago as a present. It surprised him becaue I remembered this bit of trivia from my childhood. Of course I had to read the book and it made the book more wonderful because I was reading a book that my dad loved and this gave me insight into the person that he was.

The Vampire Lestat

The Legacy of Luna

Idea number 2

A book club. Perhaps a small group of people can decide on a book and read it, posting thoughts and comments about it as it goes along. Of course we could create another community or something to facilitate this.


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