It is a groovy evening

Went to several different spots today and put in applications. Nothing hiring. I went to the employement agency and used the veteran’s section. While checking out jobs on the computer the guy read two waiter jobs and asked if I had the credentials needed for the job (I handed him my resume and he didn’t read it). So I told him that there were probably two or three bartenders in the entire city of Eugene might be better than me and I’ll go head to head against anyone, waiter, bartender… you name it. He looked at me as if I were joking but my face didn’t say joke. I am damn good and I know it.

Now the sun is gone, the clouds are thick and have a fairy-like quality to them. I’ve exchanged my clothes for workout clothes and will go to the gym. Yes… I’ve seriously neglected the gym. The thing that knocks me off my of gym habits is food. I need to eat large quanities of the stuff. I have such a high metabolism and have worked so hard to gain the muscle that I do have, it doesn’t come easily at all. If I do not keep the muscles supplied with ample protein and work out as hard as I do… I tend to get smaller as I don’t have the nutrients to repair the tissue damage. Food cost money and times have been tight since I’ve moved into this apartment, the paycheck was not what I needed at the time, I paid off some debts, helped out some friends, and some other stuff.

I’m not bitching… I am illustrating my priorities. As income dwindles, the quality of food does likewise. In the end I’ll eat peanut butter and ramen noodles…. but I’ll still get cat food for my babies, and I’ll still frequent coffee houses and buy books. I can go a while without wine and full course meals and all that jazz. I can live out of a hole with nothing but MREs to eat (thanks to the Marines) but if at all possible I will find someway of acquiring a table in a coffee house, a cup of joe, and a book and a journal and time to read, drink coffee, think and write.

There is a good deal on turkey burgers going on. You get 12 patties for around $7, each pattie has 19 grams of protein in it. Add this to a pita bread with some lettuce and some low-fat ranch and voila…. instant meal.

Now its time to go work out.


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