My two books

I posted the two books “The Vampire Lestat” and “The Legacy of Luna” quite easily, it wasn’t really much of a choice for me. Lestat has long been of huge influence in my life, Anne Rice has made a remarkable difference in my life. I even had a map of New Orleans on my wall while in Japan in the Marines. The darkness of the novel, the horror of it all fascinated me. The adventure of Lestat and his transformation into a man into something that is supposed to be evil (and all the questions of what exactly was evil anyway) had a profound effect upon me.

Luna was one of a few books that really shook me. I read this book while also taking a literature of place class at the University of Houston. That is we read “nature writing” a lot so I went from knowing nothing about the genre, to contemplating things on an ecological and environmental scale. I had always been sympathetic to environmental concerns and these books only heightened it. On a whim I bought this book (it wasn’t required reading) and read it…. in one sitting! Once I started I could not stop and I was so very moved by the story that I made my mind up (which had grown restless and had been contemplating a move from Houston to Colorado or Montana for the last two years) and decided to move to the Pacific Northwest. I attended a guest lecture by Julia Butterfly Hill in Austin a few weeks later and was moved by her presence. I felt that I was looking at a saint. I also met her while leaving a rally outside Charles Hurwitz’s condo in Houston. I was returning to my car, she to the one that she was riding in with some of the organizers. One of the guys from out of state told her “this is Eddie (point to me as I was leaving), he helped us out a lot here in Houston.” She came over and gave me a hug and said thanks and I had that feeling that I was in the presence of greatness. Earlier that day I was on a long walk protest. Union members and green activists alike were walking down the street in Houston with banners going to the corporate headquarters of Maxxam. I had a large American flag on a staff. The Houston Police Department came up to me and wanted my staff. At first I was a bit skeptical and the lawyer of the group was nearby and we were going to argue. We were in that mood. Julia was nearby and she came up to us, all seven of us (the police and three of us protesting against police harassing us) and somehow she immediately diffused the situation. In the bat of an eye the police were walking away and we were continuing on our way. I continue to have the greatest respect and admiration for Julia Butterfly Hill to this day.


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