open mouth, insert foot

Two doors down from me there is a young woman. I met her and her boyfriend when I first moved in and I introduced myself and such and so forth. Everytime one of the two walks by (right by my kitchen window) I’ll say hello to them. I played a gag on the girl once. She had walked by and I was outside of my front door. I was telling the maintenance man that I lost my pet (no look from the girl as she was walking down to her door), that I was worried (still no look as she kept walking), that the pet came outside my door and went down the walkway (still no look) and that the python was about 5 feet long by now (sudden turn around and look my direction by the girl). I busted out laughing. It was a gag. HA! Now, when she walks by I will sometimes ask if she’s seen my snake yet. However it is starting to sound perverted (and I’m not intending it to be a perverted line) and so I’ve dropped the gag altogether.

Today while cleaning my coffee press I saw her coming up the stairs. When she neared my window I went “boo” but she saw me peeking through the curtains earlier and was ready for me. She came to the window and said that her name was Jaqueline (a pretty name) and asked my name again. I told her. Not wanting to seem like I was just trying to hit on her (I wasn’t) I asked her what was the guy’s name again (I had forgotten both of their names) and wanted to sorta recognize the unit. I don’t know. It doesn’t make much sense. I wasn’t scoping to see if she was single, I saw her with her boyfriend a couple weeks earlier and I thought they lived together. She said “he isn’t there any more” and it seemed a bit awkward. Woops… didn’t mean to go there. All I could really think of to say at the time was nothing but put a sort of embarrassed chagrin on my face. Fortunately she wasn’t at the window to talk but was just being nice while walking by and so my moment of embarrassment was short lived.


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