A temp job

There is a peronnel temp agency in town a mere four blocks away. Personnel Source. I’ve been by there several times over the past two and a half years. While the people within who did the headhunting were really nice (I even came back and gave a waterproof map of Glacier National Park to a lady who was taking a vacation there), their front desk staff needs some serious work. They are very snobish and “uppity” and I was so disgusted by their attitude that I did not fill out the extra forms to get the ball rolling for a job.

The same thing happened when I went to Olive Garden to fill out an application, though they weren’t hiring either (as is every other bar in town), the manager, a short, rotund, bald white guy with a pencil thin mustache approached me at the bar. He was the manager and though his language had nothing inherently wrong in it, his demeanor smacked of one who is a complete asshole. I’ve mentioned this to several friends of diverse employment and many know exactly who I am talking about and agree with my analysis. After this brief encounter I crumbled my application up and tossed it into the can, said good day to the attractive hostess, and walked out.

I know… I am too proud and picky.

Last week I stopped by Kelly Services, one of the SEVERAL temp agencies in town that I put in a profile with. They called me often with jobs but another temp agency beat them to the punch with a bar job (Moose Lodge… I shouldn’t have taken it). There was nobody in the agency but a guy when I stopped by and made my profile active again. Yet my conversation with Lani this morning she remembered me from last year. It seems that I made an impression. I am generally invisible to everyone or I make a lasting impression wherever I go. HA!

This morning I managed to get up. I am wanting to get a Zen Alarm Clock. I like the premise of it. My current alarm is loud irritating rings. Remember, I was a Marine and we can get up at the blink of an eye and invade a country. You’ve never seen anyone move from complete sleep, up out of bed, into the next room, cutting off the alarm quickly and smoothly, back to bed and asleep as fast or proficient as I am. Many are the times when I wake up hours later and barely remember my getting up at all, as though it were a dream. My unconscious actions can sometimes far outpace my conscious mind. This morning I opted for a radio wake up instead… NPR’s Morning Edition.

It worked, after five minutes my mind was awake and listening to the program. Getting up I made coffee (Gevalia = Espresso Roast) and started some laundry. My plan was to get the drying started at 9:00 am (it was now 8:00) and go workout at the gym for an hour, come back and change and go check out some more restaurants around noon.

I was standing there, petting my two cats in the kitchen and my phone beeped. It was voice-mail and I forgot to turn off silent mode. It was Kelly Services. They told me of a job at the Hilton Hotel, a couple blocks away, with office work for around two weeks at $9 an hour from 8 to 5. Woo Hoo! That is the same pay rate that I made at Divas! They asked if it were possible to get to the job today and I said that I had started a huge laundry load and as soon as it was done, an hour and a half, I could be there.

Data entry, office runner, hat filler, whatever is needed. Hey… it keeps me fed right now. Hopefully in two weeks the classes at University of Oregon will have started, the increase in business at local bars will cause them to need a bartender, and my vigilance in placing applications at bars… maybe I can get into one of the seven bars that I’d like to work at. Doc’s Pad, Joggers, Renny’s, Taylors, Sam Bond’s Garage, Adam’s Place, or Luna.


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