words words words

A long day and after getting home Casey and Leslie and I grabbed a pizza and went to their place and watched “Showtime”. Now it is 22:15 and I am dead tired. No workout tonight. I’ll try to get my ass up in the morning so that I don’t miss tomorrow’s workout. I’ve got to be at the job at 07:00. It is a ten minute walk from my apartment (which is nice). A thirty minute workout and thirty minutes to shower and get to and from the gym gives me an hour and ten minutes. Add the amount of time that I’d like to sit in the morning and drink my coffee and listen to NPR or some jazz… and 05:00 is going to come early. I’m used to going to sleep at that time and now I’m getting up to go to work. My body is not used to this.

When I get home tomorrow night I’ll put together an LJ community. rosewhite115 is pretty good with names and themes and such. She suggested the coffeebean background that I used to run on my journal background. I wonder what jazzyjupiter might have for an idea. spikeygrrl might be in a snarky mood and give me a good snarky name (I like that word… snarky). Right now I’m pooped and am going to go sleep (after a protein shake and a couple pages of Karamazov) and I want to wait to make the community after a good name is decided.

I talked briefly with one of the doctors today. He was a black man in his fifties. We found out that both of us were from Houston. He went to medical school at Baylor School of Medicine. I have a Baylor School of Medicine cook book (sold every year by their med students). We laughed. He told me about 32 years ago when he was a med student. He was one of only three blacks in the class. He remembered fondly and with a large smile on his face about how all the students had sports cars and expensive cars… and he was going to class on an orange bicycle with a stack of books. He seems like a really great guy and his story really inspired me. No… I’ll not feel bad about myself for riding my bike to college or not having “cool things”. All I want to do is continue with my college and get into the research of the mind and add some letters after my name and have the sort of job where it pays me to sit in a window on a crisp fall day with a cozy sweater and a cup of coffee and think absurd and grand thoughts. That is the job I want.

Time for bed.


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