pre-dawn after a workout

up at 4:45 am… feels weird. Felt even weirder to be going to bed before 10:30 pm. I wanted to see who was voted off of Big Brother. I’ve never watched a show before… but while surfing the t.v. en route to CNN Headline News I saw the cast and the anchor, Lisa (I think) was HOT!

While working out I keep tabs of the reps I use, the sets, the weights, the intensity. Today I actually got the workout done in 46 minutes exactly. That meant that I watched the clock and only took one minute breaks between sets. When I finished one set I’d say the number the second-hand was showing on my watch, then I’d record the information from the last set on my log, and when the second-hand got to one minute later I’d start another set. Every now and then I’d not audibly say the number the second-hand was on and I’d not remember where exactly the minute was at. This was a great example of different types of encoding.

Memory is a complex thing indeed. Not only are there different levels of processing, but different levels of retrieval. While the information is stored in LTS it is malleable and susceptable to change. A memory can be concrete but still unretrievable due to the retrieval process. Several times while working out I’d be uncertain as to where the minute mark was, not remembering the time, but I could “hear” the stated number in my mind and that would bring the memory to the working memory.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to think about this. I am going to work at 07:00 and I still ahve to shower, pack my two lunches, some coffee (we are working in hotel rooms and thus have coffee makers… woo hoo… wait until I show up with five different blends of coffee!). I goofed yesterday… the Eugene Celebration didn’t start yesterday… but it starts tonight. That is why I had to get my workout done in the morning because after work it is party time!!!


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