they rocked

After a break at home I went back out to the the Eugene Celebration. It was teenagers everywhere. Most are cool, a small percentage need the shit beat out of them. But I guess that observation would hold to every other age group as well. I know several people my age and older who really need a good ass-whooping.

No bother. I was going to catch FISHBONE on stage. But before I did I made one last trip through the celebration, looking for a great coffee cup. I’ve got a good one now, but it isn’t quite up to “favorite’s” level yet. I didn’t find anything but did get a bag of kettle corn. I bought a huge bag nearly as long as my leg It is half gone now (grin). I made my way to the stage near the WOW HALL where Fishbone was to play. Some teenage girls made mention of my popcorn and I let them have two handfuls each.

The area was absolutely packed. The beer section was filled nearly to capacity. Fishbone was on stage and they simply rocked their asses off. What a great show. I stood in the back and was a total dork… eating my popcorn and just standing there with a grin on my face. At the front were the moshers and they really let it all out. Lots of energy! My mosh days are over… it just doesn’t entice me like it once did. Use to be if I saw a mosh pit I was in the middle of it. I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world to have a concert in a place with chairs. Chairs! Who the hell sits down in chairs for a concert? Well… now I do.

Standing there at the back of the mass of moshers, I eyed a gorgeous creature. She was hispanic, long brown hair, wonderful body… and… what… 19… 20 years old? I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit that she had me entranced and every part of me wanted to take her home with me. But I didn’t ask. I don’t know if it was the age or she was with friends and I would have felt awkward… but I didn’t talk to her. But man… was she gorgeous. When Adam ate of the apple… Eve was a 19 year old hispanic woman… of that I am certain.

I have the movie “FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE” playing in the background. I love the scene near the beginning where Clint’s character takes the badge off of the sheriff and gives it to the folks outside, telling them they need a new sheriff. Classic.

Fishbone played some of their stuff that I remembered from the past, such as “Sunless Saturday” and more recently “Swim”. When they played “Fred is Dead” and “Demon” the crowd really went wild. Oh yeah… I forgot their song “Riot”… they really went wild on that one.

I’ve got some ideas for the book community… have some nifty graphics I snagged off of the net.


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