Good morning monday

The weekend saw me resuming my sleeping habits of old, staying up until 4 am and sleeping till 2pm. Sunday night I went to 7-11 and got some tylenol PM that was supposed to make me sleepy. I took three tablets and watched the rest of “Blade” on TNT. By the end I was sleepy and went to bed.

Up this morning I was well rested. I feel great. I got up at 4:45 am and was going to go to the gym. I almost didn’t because I wanted to sip coffee and sit on the balcony. But I got myself in a huff and went. A good lower leg workout.

Now I’m back and I’m drinking coffee and soon to go to work for the day. My temp job is okay. The people are nice.

I’m not happy yet with the colors of . The grey background doesn’t quite work with the picture. I’m thinking of a deep brown such as the color of the chair in the picture… or maybe a solid black to bring out the color of the coffee in the picture. I don’t know.

I finished reading R. A. Salvatore’s book “The Spine of the World”, book two in his recent chronicles concerning the heroes surrounding Drizzt DoUrden. The book is centered around the barbarian Wulfgar who was a great heroic fighter but now is haunted by his memories of the grisly torture at the hands of the demon Errtu. The book is wonderul in its depth of character and exploration of morality, love, heroics, integrity, and friendship. It is a reminder that a book does not have to be set in actual historic places, characters, or events, to effectively explore the worlds within us that makes us human. Wonderful book. I cannot wait to read the next book.


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