grunt groan

Saturday and I slept in late. I slept a good 10 hours… or was it almost 12? I don’t know. I just did. It felt good… and I was still up by noon. HA! My plan was reading today. Coffee shops, books, coffee… thinking… you know… good stuff. Then some web design (I STILL have not done anything with and then bed.

Oops… the Angels game was on and I wanted to watch it because I like baseball and this was a good series. Okay, game over, time to get moving.

Wait a minute… the Ole Miss game was on the tube. It was a hella good game and I was glued to the t.v. Ole Miss won! Woo hoo! Now I can get on with my deal. Oh yeah, have to go pay rent and deposit paycheck.

Oh damn, it is three hours until the Oregon game comes on.. and whats this? Arkansas playing at Tennessee? I had to watch this one! Five overtimes and Arkansas lost… it was a great game.

The Ducks game came on and I watched it but it wasn’t very inspiring. Not a lot of emotion in that game, especially after watching the Ole Miss/Florida and Arkansas/Tennessee games. The Ducks easily crushed Arizona.

I surfed around a bit and looked into some of communities here at LJ. There are some very talented people designing styles for journals. ilubmoney’s livejournal design is amazing. I liked the corkboard the most. There must be some mental block for me… I can make a webpage but I can’t seem to do these LJ’s easily enough. Must be some little bit of info that I’ve not synthesized into my brain yet. I did change the colors a bit in , thanks much to the help of spikeygrrl‘s help. I also did away with the style I was using on my own journal and used some colors posted in a community. Nice and autumish. Unfortunately the orange in the background is beaver orange (OSU) so this might not stay long.


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