A blast from the past

Tuesday Casey and Leslie stopped by. I had rented Blade 2 but put it on hold to go over to their apartment and “hang out”. I’m not much of a hanging out type of guy (wrightbooks can attest to this). But as I am not the most sociable person around, my friends don’t see me much, I took the opportunity to spend some time with them. However, as soon as we got to their place, Casey went off to his night class. Leaving me alone with Leslie. Its been a while since we talked (becoming rare since they both moved out of my apartment complex) and we had almost three hours to talk. Among the topics were some of my stories from the marines.

1992 and we are in Japan. The squadron was to go to the Phillipines for two weeks for training. P.I. is renowned as an adult Disney land. Unfortunately there were about 7 of us that were considered “liberty risks”. That is we were always getting into trouble and if we were allowed to go to a place as wild as P.I. then there is no telling what trouble we’d get into. I was usually near the top of that list. So while the rest of the squadron went to P.I., ten of us stayed back in Iwakuni, alone, to work on jets as they came in. It was before Christmas also. I remember us taking a cart to the store on base to buy 26 cases of Budweiser and making a pyramid of beer in the lounge.

We gave ourselves our own tour of Suntory Whiskey factory, about twenty minutes south of Hiroshima. They were closed to tours and we entered the back door, said hello to all the workers inside the plant. In Hiroshima we were feeling good and drinking bottles of liquor. By the end of the trip we were well buzzed and the seven of us went around in one big group, knocking on people’s doors, and singing christmas carols to them. Yep, a bunch of drunk marines singing christmas carols that they don’t know the words to to japanese nationals who cannot understand them late at night. We were the pinnacle of stupidity. It is for people like us that the world doesn’t like Americans, or at least why “gaigings” (however you spell it) aren’t allowed in many bars and restaurants in Iwakuni. Even so, Dave and myself made a tour on New Year’s eve from place to place, being told repeatedly that Americans weren’t allowed, popping those little firework confetting things out and saying “Happy New Year”. Our goal was to set a record of the number of bars to be kicked out of. I lost count on how many we were told to leave.

Ah, the days of my youth. Now I am nolonger like this, being much more refined in my old age (grin). But it was amusing to recount those days in the Marines. Leslie thought me insane. She has no idea.

I’m glad to be their friend, they are good people. Starla is a friend as well, Malia is one (note to self, get her a birthday present) and of course Gin and the troll. Speaking of which, its been a couple weeks since I’ve seen Starla. I’ve got to call her and say hi, keep the bridge open. Gin taught me this sort of thing. I wish I’d kept it open with Christine. Though it didn’t workout between us as a couple, she is a pretty interesting person and a quality person to call a friend.

Friends are a treasure, so sayeth Epicerus.


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