quick thought

A couple of months ago, perhaps it was last winter… I can’t remember. I thought of starting a website, sort of an online magazine/journal. What I envisioned was something where poetry, short stories, artwork, and discussion could be discussed. Eugene is such a vibrant community and I am hopeful that I am not alone in that I’m weary of the fanatical and flaky. I’d like very much to discuss politics with anyone from any view without having a good portion of it demonizing the other. It is the same with other issues as well, environment, gender, health, etc…

Anyway, about this website, I thought I’d invite others to contribute to it, make it a place where people could really express the ideas in our world. Ideas are everything. One key aspect, however, is that I would, at least at first, have total editorial control. I would have no qualm in publishing something of a debate between conservative christian, anarchists, marxists, democrats, and ultra-feminist lesbians, but I could well see in my mind my sending material back to each party, telling them that most of the rebuttal was useless and challenging them to really giving me some well crafted arguments.

But this is just a thought. I cannot even get my own website off the ground. I suppose that this thought comes somewhat from one of my dreams of having a small cafe. Nothing large, but it is intimate and cozy, with poetry slams, jazz, other forms of music, great coffee and literature for the growing mind. One would be able to walk into this coffee shop and get their fill of espresso, conversation, and literature, whether it is Voltaire or Miller or Shakespeare or Abbey or Dostoevsky. This same cafe would be a magnet for intellectuals, poets, writers… and from this cafe a small publishing is made featuring articles, essays, poetry from the community.

Just a thought.


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