The weekend

Saturday morning and I was at Autzen stadum. Right off the bat I didn’t like the guy in charge of the job I was to do. Simply put he is a prick bastard. So I was at the small footbridge south of Autzen stadium and was trying to get people to stop and sign up for a credit card. I tried every angle I could. I even got the masses of people crossing the bridge to do a spur of the moment “wave”. At 1 I was cut and went inside to watch the last three quarters of the football game between the ducks and the sun devils. It was a great game, though the ducks lost. The stadium was wild, the cheers and noise and energy was great! I really really really liked the cheerleaders! I was especially spellbound by a hispanic one, and those girls had some moves!

I went to bed early Sat night because I was up at 4 Sunday morning. I had to be at the next job at 6:30 and it was a 30 minute bike ride away. The good thing was that it was down the bike path on the river. I helped out with orientation for TSA and got out at noon. Riding home I stopped by the movies and watched “Goldmember” for $1.50. Then it was the bikepath home.

What a great bike ride it was along the river, with the autumn leaves in reds and golds, and Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong playing over my headphones.


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