What a lovely day

Today I did not get up in time to watch “Ground Force” on the tele. However, I did catch two episodes of “Changing Rooms”. I love those shows and they are a real treat for me to watch. After the show was over it was to Headline News for 15 minutes while I got dressed for the gym.

I opted to walk instead of taking the bike to the gym. A beautiful cloudless day, the turning leaves, and I listening to Calexico on my minidisk player. At the gym I saw that a cardio session was to start in 30 minutes so I passed the time by jumping on an eliptical trainer. I usually take heavy metal with me to workout to and on this elipticals I will alternate medium paced metal with speed metal to set the tone for my pace. Yet, regardless I can usually go at whatever pace I choose. But I found it damn near impossible to go any pace at all save the one given by the southwestern flavored sounds of Calexico.

The cardio session was great. Fortunately it didn’t involve a lot of coordination and I felt the workout in my muscles. Good, this feeling was what I was looking for. There is some difference between lifting a weight, a long run, and sprints, and when a person is strong in one area he might not be as strong as he thinks in another. I find this difference while sprinting on my bike from stop sign to stop sign.

After the workout it was to home. The day is brilliant and I wanted to sit on the balcony. I made some mocha cappucinno (what I got for a birthday present from Christine last January) and applied some cinnamon honey spread to some cinnamon raisin bagels, a chunk of cheddar cheese, and the book “The Brothers Karamazov”. At the job on Sunday I did not take this book (as I’ve done every other time) but isntead I took a book of Cicero’s writings. But it was too obtuse to read on such an early morning as what I had on Sunday. Another temp worker pulled out a book and began to read and I inquired to what book she was reading. She replied “The Brothers Karamazov” and I was overcome with elation. She was reading it “just because”, which is the best reason, and I read some of the page of her current progress. I became excited and began to talk about the book with her. What are the odds of working a job with someone and both people, unaware of the other’s doings, are reading such a book as “The Brothers Karamazov” and only two chapters seperate the progress of them both through such?

I am debating shaving my head again, or at least cutting it very very short. My hair is in that in between stage and I do not know what the next stage is. I have had no luck in finding a style of hair that I really liked, except two… very short ala the Marines, or long enough so that I can either wear it out or tie it in the back should I choose. Nothing in the middle suits me at all. I am a heartbeat from cranking up the clippers (I cut my own hair… perhaps that is why I can’t get a date?!? HA).

Tonight I hit a couple bars with a resume. I’ve not gotten a reply from the one that I applied to a week ago. Perhaps I am indeed overqualified. I’ve read the literature on this phenomenon, read how to get around it in interviews and such, but for a bar? Sheesh. It isn’t like I am applying for a position as CEO or something… it is just a bartending gig. The industry is high-turnover to begin with and near everyone in it is working through it while striving for higher goals. Who doesn’t know a bartender/waiter who is also an actor, author, student, or something of the sort? I just don’t get this over-qualified notion at all, for I can see no other reason why I would not be hired. The experience that I bring to the position and my references can tell ample examples of my ability.

But I do need a job. Rent time is going to be an interesting time indeed. Remember Ed, breath fully, live in the present moment, let the stress have enough pull to motivate you to find work, but let the rest of it go so that it doesn’t damage your liver!

There is an interesting debate going on in The Philosophy Cafe right now. Actually there are several debates going on but the ones that I speak of are on Ethical Relativism, the other being on Ayn Rand. Interesting stuff indeed. In reading a friend’s posts I think of an example given, that cutting off a gorilla’s hands to sell in a market is wrong. Easy to say but is it done? Likely. It is just as easy for me to say that the killing of the majestic tiger for the selling of body parts in small bottles for the superstitous belief of improved sexual potency is likewise wrong. Yet is it done? Yes. Here in America we do not eat dogs and many who have no qualms in killing a cow for a burger feel uneasy about killing a dog for food. I’ve had dog while in Thailand, also… monkey. It is easy for us to call these things wrong, but just the fact that they are unpleasant, or that they are seemingly along selfish lines doesn’t itself make them wrong either. Is it wrong of me to leave the party early so that I might take a stroll along the river by myself? The partiers might think me rude and selfish in my wants, but I go anyway. And suppose that the region in Africa is in a drought, a family is struggling to get by (hampered by the military fighting in the area) and while the children of the family starve, the father kills some gorilla to sell at the market and with it buys some food for his children. And think too of the father who works in a terribly harsh environment inside a papermill that pollutes the environment and has likely causing chronic health problems in the father. Yet he does this knowing that he can make more money than if he travelled around in his truck with tools for hire so that he can support his family. Evil does not exist, evil exists as a matter of perspective. This is confused by some to think that evil isn’t there. What I mean by this is that I do not believe evil to be a reality to its own. There must be some acting agents involved. But more on this later…

Thomas Jefferson expressed continued faith in the ability of words to change the world. Why is this so? When one investigates Jefferson’s life, either through his own writings, textbooks, or others (I recommend the wonderful book “American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson) one finds the incredibly malleable nature of his thought. Indeed one will find it terribly hard to find one unbending principle in the man as he changed so much throughout his life. And yet I hold this man to be great and he resided in the inner temple of heroes within my mind. The power of words are not that one debate wonderfully and smash all opposing arguments to dust. Anyone with experience in debating outside of the controlled environments sponsored by the political science department will find that nobody abides by rules in the real world. No, the true power of words comes in the expression of the nature of things so that a person isn’t put on the defensive at the start. This is why books are so wonderful for if written well enough they will bring another person into a different world, even if nothing is proven or given for fact.

It is a gorgeous day today and I can contain myself no longer. I shall pack up a book or two into my bag and take my bike to go down the river to a spot to sit on the banks and read.


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