CNN Headline News

Two things recently said on CNN Headline News while I was making chili.

“The world looks on in bewilderment while a sniper terrorizes…”

Wait a minute… the world looks on in bewilderment? The sniper is horrible, the targeting of children is horrible, but aren’t there far worse things going on in the world than this? So much weight is given to our sniper, and yet the phrase heard on yesterday’s airing of Headline News about a recent bus bombing in Israel where 13 people were killed was “the worst in a month”. Oh… that’s all? Just a month? How lightly it is said, how casually we go to the next news spot on the new high tech gadgets for your home computer.

Another tidbit on the news that I heard is a recent study at Berkley where one nostril was trained to recognize a smell while the other nostril was blocked off. The interesting thing is that both nostrils share no neurological connection and yet after the tested nostril was able to pick out the right smell 3 out of 4 times, the blocked nostril was likewise also able to do so. This lead the researchers to believe that something within the brain was responsible for the learning of the new smell. Trivial you say? Oh no… this is wonderful! They news casts used Christopher Reed as an example of the potential of this but there is more. There are transmitters in the brain that if one were to lose it that person would be as paralyzed as a person without a spinal cord. The notion of retraining our brain to peform tasks was used mostly in conjunction with the intent of helping those with paralyzing injuries… but there is so much more here. We are talking about thoughts, emotions, habits… and more. Imagine creating the conditioning of your choice for behavior that you want. Familiar with the opponent emotion theory? A possible tie-in here.

There are more thoughts I could go on… but chili is waiting in the micro.


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