Dragon Magazine

Its the 300th issue and I’ve not gotten an issue since probably around number fifty. Its nice. I’d like to get a group started… pit some paladins and elves against some wights and rust monsters. Funny… a party can bravely (and stupidly) go after a dragon, yet they stumble upon a rust monster and they run screaming out of the cave.

At the valley river center I ran into an old neighbor of mine. He is a law student and got his degree in philosophy. He looks different since he’s cut off his dreadlocks. We had a good short talk about anthropology and such. On the bus back from valley river center I met a former bartender of mine, Selena. She is doing good. It was nice to see her. She gave me a hint of a place that might be hiring for bar. I’m going to go give them a call.

While walking to the bus station today I was to first go to the bank and deposit paychecks. I debated with myself for a block before I decided to go a little out of my way to stop for coffee. Cheap gas station coffee. But I did and decided to continue walking down the alley. A green house that I’ve passed by a million times, especially when I used to work at Rock N Rodeo, has a sign. It is to become a coffee house and bookstore. Ears are mega perked up at this sign. Pehaps I’ll go apply for them as well. Whatever the case, I hope it is a good atmosphere. There can never be enough coffee houses and in the neighborhood that I live there are five coffee houses. Isn’t life great?

Speaking of life begin great. I was sitting at the bus station, drinking my coffee, and reading from the book “Think”. I gave this book terrible reviews a few months ago, but I’m in a different section and the author’s writing style (the key point that I did not like) has flip flopped. I like the book very much. There were many people around as it was around two in the afternoon or so. And I had stopped to gaze at the trees and the sky for a bit, my mind chewing on the well-travelled thoughts, namely the nature of the self (what is it). I thought of the impermanence of it, the illusion of the self and things got lighter. I was immensely happy and felt a calming… freedom? Not quite the word I am looking for… but close. I’ve encounted this feeling several times before, more common in the past when I was much more into Zen readings and meditations.

On the bus, one of our electric breeze buses that seat a dozen people, the mood was foul… it was thick and heavy in the air. At our first stop sign the driver nearly got everyone out of their seat with his liberal application of the brakes. I joked that “the brakes work fine” in a lighthearted manner, it was one of those things that can piss you off if you let it. My joke was a counteraction to the mood in the bus. The woman opposite of me rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth. She was not a happy camper. So I was all the more happy. I read my book, drank my coffee and when I nearly choked on a swig of coffee I joked to the guy next to me (also in a good mood) that it was a good year (referring to the bottling year of the obviously stout drink I was drinking) and he laughed. The mad woman only fumed. Hmmmm. When she got off of the bus she gave a short lecture to the driver. It is a small bus, not much longer than a 70’s cadillac. She needed a hug or something. If I had known what angle to take to make her smile I would have done it… but with people who are pissed off, or even sad, they don’t want to be changed out of the mood. They want to be pissed off thank you very much! What you do is give them options of how to feel and when they see that there is a choice that they can make (and it doesn’t appear that they were coerced into changing moods) then they sometimes change. Same strategy in getting drunks to straighten up in a bar. You can’t order them (well, you can… and I have… but if you want to keep them there in the bar… spending money and/or sobering up) you let them feel as though they are making a smart choice that is their choice. Nobody really likes to be told what to do.

It is 8:30 and laundry is done. Fold the laundry, read, maybe go over a chapter of a story that I’ve got inside of me and see if I can’t maybe coax some more of it out.


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