Freak Bastards… and what layout I want for my apartment

I would like to have a job if for no other reason than to give me something to do. I cannot do one thing all day long, even sitting in coffee shops reading books. My body is like my mind in that it will go from sporadic activity to a cat nap to something out there. Having said that I do like one aspect of not working in a bar this time of year. The funk is spreading around town. I’ve seen many people on the street with it. As a bartender we are handling glasses and if you don’t make an effort to wash your hands 50 plus times a day you WILL get whatever cold virus is spreading. I’ve even gone so far as to wear those polyethylene, or whatever…. the gloves that EMTs wear, behind a bar when I got a cold. I’d wash my hands, gloves, over and over so as to minimise the risk of giving anything to anyone. I look strange, but when I’ve explained to regulars behind the bar they’ve been appreciative.

Yesterday afternoon I could feel the funk coming. GRRRRRR. I hate it. That feeling that the inside of your throat is shedding, that there is a spring of plasma within your sinuses. Breathing disturbs the throat and one gets pissed off. I thought about where I might have gotten it. Where have I been? Two places in the last couple days…. the gym and the coffee shop. I walked into the bathroom to straighten up a bit and saw a guy go from the urinal straight out to the gym. I was so dumbounded that I was speechless. A couple seconds later I was saying “damnit man, wash your hands”. Its not like the rest of us have to grabe the same surfaces you are grabbing you putz. To all the men (and women) who go to the gym and do not wash their hands afterwards… I curse them with a nightly bedwetting until they begin to act with proper habits. Sheesh. The second place was a coffee house and I used an in-house coffee mug, which I am not guessing to be the culprit. But I did change tables twice, leaving one next to a guy who coughed, hummed, tapped his books, cleared his throat, clicked his pen, hell…. he might as well started singing “I’m just wild about harry”. The old staff, of whom I delighted to see and who would ask me where I’ve been if I hadn’t been in the cafe for a few days, were seen wiping down the tables. The staff at Paradiso now, or at least the two that I saw Wednesday night, never once stepped out from behind the counter to do so (I can’t remember if they did at all really) and I was there from 18:30 to 22:15. I am guessing that I got the virus from there, it was on a table, on a door handle, in the bathroom, someplace.

The hands… that is where it is at. Wash your hands, over and over and over and over. I embarrassed a bartender of mine once because I was always onto her about washing her hands. Finally I called her on the act in public, made an impression. Too bad to have to do that… but she started washing her hands.

The funk got worse as the night went on and I felt horrible this morning. I slept through “Ground Force” and “Changing Rooms” (you know I was sick then) but have seen got up and cleaned up, putting things in order and place.

On cleaning, I am not a neat freak by any means and I’ve been known to let a load of clothes sit folded in a pile waiting to be hung. But I do try to keep things in order some of the time. It lends an ordering to the mind. With proportionate angles balance and order is reflected from the outside to the inside. I’m not so sure about the whole Feng Shui thing, but environmental changes do have an impact on performance and as any artist knows there are ways of grouping things so as to lead the eye. It is the same with a room. Looking at my present living room I see much need for improvement. There are things I’d like to do (hey… I watch Changing Rooms every day). The two biggest complaints that I have are the walls and the carpet. Of course I can’t complain too much… friends of mine have a hideous blue carpet with their beige walls. Some friends of mine once painted their apartment in Houston. I doubt seriously that I’d be allowed to paint the walls. But something with fabric? I watch the use of fabric in wall covering routinely on the show. Hmmm. Another thing is the desk… it doesn’t fit me really. I do not like the end on it, poor design. It looks nice on the showroom floor but in practical use it fails. The couch is old and ripped, though it is from another friend, but it is uncomfortable to sit in … I actually sit on the floor more often! But no bother, I mention these things because I can. Though I remember the hotel room I lived in for two months.

On the balcony, a cocktail table (high) with a high chair. A small stand in the corner for books and plants. The lanterns will stay but the wind chimes will move to the corner.

Next to kitchen I’ve got a door to the water heater that kills the wall. So a standing screen folded in the corner with some lights at the top for effect. Another cocktail table with two high chairs to it, a hard covering on the floor over the carpet (or at least a stiff rug type deal). The goal here is to create a sort of coffee shop feel. Perhaps some changes to the light on the ceiling fan above as well.

In the living area… big change. A large rug on the floor… something dark. An artists table next to the window, where I can draw or paint. A tall armoire for the t.v. to go into and some manner of storing all 300 plus CDs yet keeping them out of view. The couch is too big, a much smaller, two cushion sofa will suffice. Pehaps out in the middle of the room and behind it a table, shelf which can serve as a bookshelf and a place to put drinks on. Lighting will have to be addressed… my moods change and I want lighting for it. A tall bookshelf on one wall to house some books (I need anothe two just to get them all off the floor). And for a desk? Nothing. What? I sit at this desk more than any other spot, save for my bed when sleeping!

Now the idea for the eating area, or the mini coffee shop type place, has room to put a shelf unit. I have one there now but it is horrendous and is not used save for picture frames. On this shelf I’d have a filing system (not need to be big, just to hold birth certs, rent lease, bills, etc…) and it would also house a printer. On this would also be an Air Bus type deal. I think that is the name for it. It is the wirless network thingie that Apple makes. I’d like to leave the desktop pc and go with an Apple laptop. So I can put my printer and network connection out of the way. I can then take my laptop and go to the couch, the balcony, the bed, wherever… and pay my bills online, surf the web, write… whatever… and I’m not limited to sitting at this desk. The laptop would also allow me to take my computing out of home, possibly an important part when I get more into college and possibly research.

Oh… now the bedroom. I am somewhat limited here… for I’ve got a closet door along one wall, and a window along the opposite. I think the position of my bed will have to remain. Though the bookshelves I’ve got, which are 2X6’s along some concrete blocks, will come out. In the corner a round chair… a mama san? I dunno. In the corner a small spot for the t.v. (watch movies in bed, especially when sick!). Some lighting as well. But the bed is the first change… and actual bed! Right now it is a twin sized mattress and box springs sitting upon four concrete blocks. A sled queen sized bed, where I can sleep comfortably and allow my cats room to sleep also (I usually run them out of bed with my tossing and turning). And if I have someone sleeping with me, it is a close fit. This is nice the first time you sleep together and your all about being close and that sort of thing. But after a while you just want a good nights sleep and you need your space on the bed! I’ll have to go firm too. Whenver I’ve slept with women’s beds that were too soft I awoke with back pains the next morning. Sleeping on the floor is very appealing after a few nights of back pain.

Well, I am feeling better now. The sun is teasing me between clouds. I’ve got to go buy some black denim jeans. I am going to be part of the crowd control at the Ducks game tomorrow. I’m told it is about an 8 to 9 hour gig. The pay is not great but I need something. Rent will be here very soon. Hell… I’d pimp myself out if I thought I’d make any money at it. (grin)


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