I worked with crowd control at the Ducks game. It was on the north side, at the elevator of the skyboxes. My job, to punch the cards and put on wristbands of the mostly over-50 crowd using the box suites. It was in the shadows, it was an alcove and gathered wind, it was standing up and STILL for 9 hours with only 8 minutes sitting down. Add to that… the Ducks lost.

I now stop to cry a little.

Okay, back. The new Ducks mascot was unveiled today. Kinda quirky. The guy wearing the spandex suit is as muscular as a mustang with a boss 302 engine. He came into the sky boxes and stopped to pose for picture with a little kid. He seemed to be a nice guy underneath the costume when he talked. I don’t know if I like the new mascot yet… it looks like a woodpecker with a flat bill.

I rode my bike to work this morning, using the bike path along the Willamette river. It was cold but I was easily able to get past that and thorougly enjoy the sunrise. It was a very intense red in the sky and it lent an aire of magic to the air, to the changing leaves on the trees… the Willamette river was no longer a blue-green river, it was a red thread of lava as it reflected the beautiful colors in the sky. Before I got to the bike path, however, I had stopped at a street corner and waited for the light to change. I came up to two women, one perhap in her fifties and the other in her twenties. Oh my goodness the young woman was STUNNING! She was perfectly proportioned and had a wonderful form and her long brown hair with curls in it set off her brown eyes and smile… but her demeanor was all smiles and very warm and friendly. This was the kind of woman you could give a puppy or a kitten to for a present and she’d melt. I wanted to ask her for coffee and I stumbled in my mind, really struggled with coherent thought, until the light changed. The odds of seing her again are very rare… but if I do… I’ve rehearsed “the hello” in my mind, and yes I sound like a complete dork in them… but I’d just like to meet her over coffee! And she was totally smiling at me. Whether it was interest or just what I guess to be a very warm personality… I don’t know… but I’ll take either if she’d go to coffee with me.

After a full day of standing around, my near gone cold was coming back. Damn… I was almost over that sucker. By the end of the day I had shivered all day from the wind and no sun, and though I took it slow on the bike ride home, I felt horrible when I walked in the door. I turned on the t.v. and laid on the couch. I had a fever and felt lousy. I tried to watch Larry King’s interview with Son of Sam but came away thinking the guy is such an idiot and references to the devil gripping his mind as an excuse for his murders disgusted me. I watched a bit of Aliens, Saintsinner, and finally ended up watching the second half of the world series game. What a comeback by the A’s. I may pick the A’s to be my favorite American League team after the heart that they showed all season.

Now it is some food and fluid and then to bed, up at 5 and to work at 7 for another one day office temp job.


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