Went to a friend’s house and watched “Mr Deeds”. It was a lot better than I thought it would be, judging from the previews. It was typically hollywood and all, so it wasn’t great… but Winona Rider is gorgeous and overall the movie was alright. The little bits made the movie, such as Mr Crooked Eyes saying that he attacked the postman because he was trying to cast a spell on him, like a wizard or something… that or he was just waving hello. Good times.

It was a short bike ride to their house and I took the Amazon creek bike path. What a dork I am! Listening to Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington play “Dukes Place” through my headphones, I did weird little dances and facial expressions and finger snapping while riding my bike. Good thing it was dark while I was going.

I put in an application at a restaraunt today and was approached by a girl I met online about a year ago. We talked a bit, exhanged a book, I even went over to her place and watched movies with her. Things didn’t really workout though. It was a surprise to see her, I thought she was gone. She gave me a scoop on what was going on in her life. She is really an interesting person, and I would really like to have coffee with her sometime. Yet I am pretty darn cautious because I have no romantic interest. I was kinda dissed (not a proper english word I know, but descriptive still) and for me to get romantic I’d have to have a lot of trust with a person (unless it is a one night fling… then I don’t care, as long as I have a way home in the morning) and it would take a while to get that back with her. But beyond that she is smart and is working hard to make her way and I respect that and so in that respect I wouldn’t mind coffee with her and having what she called “and intelligent conversation”. But my feeling from her is that she saw me as… a chance… an opportunity? I don’t know… but I wary. She told me to come back and say hi to her. I told her I’d drop in and see her. I definitely got the impression that I could have given her my number. But again, I didn’t quite feel like biting the hook.

Its hockey season, the smell of burning wood comes from chimneys, skeletal trees begin to show here and there, the air is crisp, the sky is filled with towering clouds, the colors of sunrise/set have increased, and it is almost time to find and put up a tree. Great time of year.


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