I note that a rival club to Divas is hiring for DJ and Door. I know that the owner of that club is no pillar of integrity himself and cannot be trusted. Do I apply? I’ve applied in the past… but now I’m an asset. I am a defector, as it were, and perhaps I have insights to help in the competition. I don’t want to blow myself up out of proportion… but it would be pretty darn cool if word got out that I worked there and some of the girls who were afraid of leaving Divas decided to do so and came to the club that I worked at. It would be satisfying to cause heartache to Phil, bastard that he is. But in truth, I do not care about him one way or the other. He is not important enough to give a fart for.

I checked my messages on my home phone and there was one from the girl that I wrote about in the last entry. She left her number. I suppose I should be call. While I have ideas as to the general motivation behind the call, I could be absolutely wrong. Perhaps she isn’t looking for any romance but just another friend. In that case I would be interested.

A new ad for a restaurant hiring today. It is for a waiter position, but hey… I’ll take it. This place and a personnel agency I was going to go to are both on diametrical poles of town. So, before a full day starts it is a cup of coffee, a bagel, Ground Force and Changing Rooms.


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