concerned for my friend

I didn’t go to Divas last night… I enjoyed the night alone. Yet from what I’ve heard there has been some major drama there between some co-workers. Judging from what happened I wish that I had gone because perhaps I could’ve made a difference in outcome. As it stands now I am worried for my friend, that she might lose her job. I would not want to wish this anxiety that I feel every day on someone else. But again, though my experience is triple that of hers behind a bar, she’s got such a lot of charm, personality, and looks that any bar would be wise to hire her as a bartender. Unless a guy has got a special certain something… hire a woman instead, or at least have 75% of your barstaff as women.

But aside from that… I’m concerned about my friend. I’ve invited her to come over today and I’ll be an ear for her.


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