Still slow on the job thing

I called Lucio and he told me that he is just accepting resumes, that he has three already, and that he needs another three and he’ll see who has qualifications and then he’ll call for interviews. No relief in sight yet for my unemployment. Keep the spirits up, keep moving, keep fighting. Pip pip, cheerio ol’ chap, lets have a proper go at it then.

Today is the last day to put my ballots in the mail. There are several issues on the vote. I’ve got no less than three guides before me to the ballot. Nobody in the governor’s race really strikes me as someone I like.

This is glorious music… so young and full of hope. It is the coming sunrise for a day free of worry. On my walk to the bank to deposit the paychecks for the two day’s work last week I rehearsed a conversation with an interviewer, speicifically tackling the areas of being over-qualified and the pay. I compared the jobs and the pay and I thought that I developed a rather nice sales pitch. That was before I found out that Lucio isn’t even seeing anyone until he’s gone over resumes. I’m debating whether or not to include a short letter with my resume, combating the at first glance negativity of it all. The key problem on my resume is that I’ve rarely stayed anywhere for more than a year. How do you get the point across that you are dependable when your history at first glance shows otherwise? It is like credit. A look at my credit rating would show that I am good on my payments, even paying more than minimums often, and also putting away in savings accounts, IRA, and stocks… until I am unemployed and then it all goes to pot. I cannot help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. I really really really need this job. But as strange as it may sound, I feel quite good. I feel as though I am going through a sort of pruning. What is important? What is left? Yes, I’ll go cancel my gym membership and make some other adjustments. I’ll have to get only a cardio workout and that’ll have to be running, which I don’t like doing because of my knees (so run uphill!). But I read my journal of last year at this time… November of last year I was two months behind on rent and in November I paid for three months of rent in twenty days, nearly $1,400 worth. I can make the same sort of deal now that I did then, but before I can I need some kind of job to show that I’ve got income coming in. It probably doesn’t help that there are more layoffs happening at an RV plant also.

A bit of reading in Jung this morning. Last week I was reading George Sessions appraisal of various philosophies and why Deep Ecology was better at them all. The short blurb on Freud and Jung was reduced to “a system based on sex or religion”… how quite untrue. Such a complete and utter misunderstanding of both. To say that Freud and Jung espoused theories of sex and religion is to have missed the point all together. It bugs me as intellectual laziness when I hear people so casually dismiss Freud. They are too eager to chalk it all up to Id impulses and penis envy and toss it aside without merit. Now I am no Freudian and I am not defending his ideas as true. But there is a lot to learn from them and the sheer immensity of their historical importance alone worthies it to study. My reading in Jung was on the unconscious. Interesting… an understanding of this is, I believe, of highest importance.

But I’ll not go into that now. It is brewing. No, for now I must fill out the ballot, drop it in the mail, and go put forth my resume.

On another note. The woman at the local grocery store is immensely beautiful. I’ve seen her at the shop since I’ve lived here, have passed by and seen her through the window, have seen her on the side of the building on break, have said hello to her while buying milk (as I did this morning). She smiled greatly when I paid for my milk and I gave her my wishes for her to have a wonderful day. A great bright blazing of a smile. I do not recall ever seeing her frown, not once, not the smallest amount. She’s always smiled. And they aren’t the smiles of a simpleton, a mindless dolt, a fantastic mind in the clouds, a carefree romantic… they are as very real and grounded and here as the leaves on the tree, the breeze through the air, the moon in the sky… and it is a comfort. What fuels that smile, I wonder. Such is the nature of her demeanor, as I’ve seen her over the past two years, that I cannot imagine her in any distasteful acts or mannerisms at all. It seems to me that she must sleep with the most angelic of composures and awake with the quiet morning, rolling through her place like a gentle morning’s fog.

The music has changed to Wagner’s “Gotterdammerung: Siegfried’s Death and Funeral Music”, which is one of my all time favorite pieces of music. For anyone who does not know this music it is the opening music to the wonderful movie “Excalibur”. I must continue my day.


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