a phone call

I slept my ass off. I had little sleep before getting up at 5 am for working the Ducks game. I like to have time to wake up, drink some coffee, enjoy the morning a bit before the mad dash to work. I HATE mad dashes to work. I hate to be late. It was a cold morning, clear skies, and frost was thick on the ground. The next level for the frost is to be “ice” (as in Montana). At the game they put me on the parking lot with a flag. I was waaaaay back in the corner, and wasn’t to allow anyone into the reserved parking spaces. I watched with amusement when they finally opened the gate and RV’s streamed out like an invading force of marine personnel carriers streaming across the ocean toward the beach head. They motored to their spots and parked, a continuous assault, and troops poured out from inside the carriers and began efficiently setting up their positions. Banners and flags went up, chairs and carpets and tables were spread out, faux bleachers and t.v.s were set up and the battle colors of green and yellow were everywhere.

I never had to direct a single car. I just stood there and watched everything and tried to soak up the sun’s rays for warmth. They pulled me from that spot and put me in another spot. I was going to the SOUTH GATE. Woo Hoo.

At the gate I listened to the indoc and was then put on tickets. But before I got a chance to start, one of the people on baggage inspection wanted to trade spots. So we did. I had a blast on baggage inspection. There were two tables, four guys, and I wasn’t going to let a single bad mood materialize. I was as cheerful as I could be and said hello and have a great day and approached people in a manner so that out of all the people that came through my table, only one was close to being sarcastically mean or short-tempered.

The game was a blowout, the Ducks won. It turned warm. I came home and though I was quite tired I stayed awake as long as I could so that I would go to sleep at a normal time. It didn’t work… I slept my butt off. HA.

Anyway, up today and missed most of Sunday football. But I got a phonecall and decided to answer it. I screen my phone calls and I expected it to be another poltical ad. I got a phone call from Bill Clinton yesterday (okay, it was just a recording). The guy asked for Eddie and I said this was he. He asked if I was still interested in a bar position. Ears perked up. Yes I was. Could I come in Monday for an interview? Are you kidding? YES!

In the living room, cats panicked and darted for hiding spots because their daddy was in the middle, dancing the funky chicken and yelling. An interview! I kinda got to the point where I don’t expect it really. I’ve put in a million resumes. I’ve recharged my supply of 50 and will have to do so again soon. I’ve thought that my approach to the resume might be flawed after all, that it showed too much flash or something, becaue I’ve only gotten ONE callback in August of 2000. WOO HOO! Now I have a personal interview and in this regards I have very high confidence. I belive that if I can sit with them and talk with them, I can get the job. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. I haven’t got the job yet, they could still give it to another person, but right now I am happy and I’m going to celebrate with a bottle of the bubbly. Litres of Coke are on sale at Red Apple grocery stores. I need some bread too.


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