job update

I got a call back from the temp service, the $20/hour job for tomorrow was cancelled. Okay. I went to my interview and sat at the bar downstairs in the restuarant. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the place. The floor manager and the head bar both talked to me. No really pointed questions were asked, no scenarios, no nothing but a generalized, totally unstructured interview. But having conducted lots of interviews myself I knew the weakness of the interview. So I loosened up a bit and when the head bartender came down with a TROMA shirt under his jacket I gave the notion that I was familiar with TROMA. In all actuality I’ve only been to the TROMA site maybe three times. I also found small ways of talking about our mutual histories with Hawaii and Thailand. They told me that they would call me next week if I got the job or not, but that I was the first on the list. Interesting note, because when I showed up one of the floor waiters told me of another guy who was scheduled for an interview earlier in the day but that nobody was around to see him. The bar is in very good shape and the selection is superb. It is definitely one of the elite bars in the city by first glance. It would be GREAT to get this job.

Now, tomorrow I’ll see if I can’t sell my car for $200. Might be tough.

On the bus back I was reading an article by Betty Roszak on the goddess, feminism and ecology and while I was reading this feminist perspective the bus became crowded to the point of people having to stand up. One of those was a woman and I tapped her on the side and offered her my seat. She smiled warmly and declined and I offered again, trying to make the gesture casual and carefree… not serious or haughty by any means. Still, I found it amusing that I was reading feminist views in ecology and I offered my seat to a woman.


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