Well isn’t that nice

I got a call tonight from a girl. She wanted me to come to a neighborhood bar for a drink. She said that she’d buy me a drink. Okay, what the hell. So I do. I go and have a Guinness. Afterward at closing time I go to leave and go to my bike…

both tires were gone. I have no wheels on my bike. So I carried the bike all the way home. No probs, only 1 3/4 mile. But at first I was pissed off, though I did laugh several times. Never the less I kept my eyes open for any bums walking around with a bike tire. I wished bad thoughts on the person, first wishing they were hit by a bus but after a minute or two I calmed down and wished only that their only mode of transportation to work was stolen from them.

While I walked I thought about my car. There are lots of reasons to not bother with it and I haven’t. But another notion came to mind. I want another mustang. I love those cars! I thought about telling my dad to keep his eye open for an old mustang (64, 65, or 66) for me and I’d buy it. Of course this will be in the future. He can check it out and make sure it is in good condition. He’s got a new shop built (he’s always wanted one… I’m so happy he’s got one) and he can put it in the shop and do his inspection on it. I understand him a bit… this would be a happy thing for him, giving him a sense of accomplishment of actually physically acting out his love for me in a capacity familiar to him. Then I could fly home and spend some time with him, perhaps even help in the re-building of the engine (which would be even better a thing). After my vacation with him I could drive cross country again in the newly worked on mustang and wouldn’t it be cool if I could carry my nephew with me. We could talk all the way to Oregon. He could stay here for a bit, we’d camp out in the mountains, and maybe I’d show him some snow (don’t see real snow in Mississippi) and he could fly back or my sister can come out for a visit and carry him back with her.

Wow. This is just a wonderful wonderful dream. I’d like to see this one happen. I dream a lot of dreams and most are just that… but this one would be really nice to make happen.

Of course the mustang has to be a convertable.


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