what was that?

In the employment ads there was one about working for the environment and offering 40hr HAZWOPE training. What? What the heck is that? So I did search on the net and came up with two sites and there is a blurb on it as such…

5. Safety Training -QSSI- 29 CFR 1926, 29 CFR 1910 OSHA, Powered Industrial Truck Training, EPA,DOT,TNR
Government compliance safety & environmental training. 29 CFR 1910, 29 CFR 1926, Powered Industrial Truck Training Incident commander workshops, Biothreat, Mass Destruction, Nuclear Biological Chemical, Food Sanitation Management. Safety Training Programs and Environmental Training Programs. OSHA, EPA, DOT, TNRCC. Incident commander workshop, Mass destruction, Biothreat, Nuclear Biological Chemical, Food Sanitation Management, First Responder.safety training, OSHA, EPA, DOT, TNRCC, RCRA, HAZWOPE

Okay… looks like I could fit into the bill here. I’ve had first responder training, CPR certification two or three times, EMT basic training (twice), firefighter training, HAZMAT storage/disposal training (Marines), food handler training (the sanitation part), marine corps training (the mass destruction part), and the run of the mill basic how to stay barely alive Nuclear Biological Chemical warfare training in the Marines. But still, I have no idea what a HAZWOPE is. I am going to guess that it is an agency, a department of the government. Hmmm… still… it might be interesting even if it gives me another view, another angle.

Speaking of different angles. I ran into a former co-green party member on the sidewalk today. I always respected his intelligence and ability to set aside emotions. Unfortunately there were others in the local chapter that couldn’t do so and he told me that he left shortly after I did, along similar reasons. Too bad for the local greens. They lost what I believe was a critical component in their makeup. This guy is not easily replaced. He took a couple months off to travel the country and he’s now back in town. He said that he is directing more energy now toward education on the issue. Good for him. He asked what I was up to and I showed him my book on ecopsychology. Again, a simple question can get me to going on and on about this stuff. I kept it in check because I was on my way to the interview. Anyway, he’s a good guy. Well balanced, good heart, good mind. I wonder if he’s got a girlfriend… if not I’d introduce him to a friend of mine.

The books are calling me and the cup of hot chocolate is tasty.


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