old posts

So I went through the computer and found some old copies of old journal entries. We’re talking WordPerfect in 96 old. I’ve put them on LJ and now I’ve got 9 years of entries. Okay, so 1993 is only one entry and it is a terribly sad one at that. It shows a type of personality that I had then, and boy was that a lot of baggage. Sheesh.

Unfortunately, In posting so many of my old entries, I’ve doubled a couple of them that I had forgotten that I’d done once before. Oh well. I wish that LJ would hurry up and finish what they are working on because I’d like greater ability to classify the posts according to theme or concern. Also, I’d like to see the downloading part where I can download the journal. I had several writings on themestream before they went offline and now I’ve got to recreate some of them.

I am also re-reading David Abram’s wonderful essay “The Ecology of Magic”. I read it for the first time while living in Houston from the collection of writings published by Orion magazine called “Finding Home”, a neat little book. That book, along with the “Ecocriticism Reader” are two of my favorites.


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