small connections

I watched Benny and Joon last night. Sam, a character in the movie, read a book on Buster Keaton and wore his hat, yet he carried a Charlie Chaplin style cane. The next movie was Chaplin and in that movie Chaplin is in a debate at a dinner table with Hoover where he says that people have always liked to see the high and mighty fall from grace while most everyone works for a scrap of bread. This morning I get up and watch Changing Rooms and one of the tennants is a Chaplin fan and has a large picture of him dressed as Chaplin put on the wall. After that show I put it on CNN to catch up on election results and it was the Winona Ryder verdict. Winona Ryder is, in my opinion, amazingly beautiful, my type (dark, wonderful eyes, deep dark hair) and I stopped to listen to the verdict. One of the analysts told that the fascination with the case was that people like to see people fall from grace.



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