my cat

A good strong wind came into town early this morning. I awoke several times to see the stout limbs on the tree outside my window shaking. Okay, nice… back to sleep. After being on the coast when Hurricane Hugo hit, several Typhoons in Okinawa, tornados, the L.A. earthquake, and more… a little high wind hardly seems anything at all. In fact the weather here is very subdued. The newspaper had a factoid in it a couple days ago. The record for rainfall in one day in Eugene is 4.64 inches. Gee… that’s it? Hard rains are not part of the scenery here. None of those big fat rain drops I loved so much in Houston. Maybe the coast gets that sort of rain, but I’ve not seen it here yet.

I just heard the radio commercial for the Duck Women’s Basketball team for the season. Very cool commercial. They duck for no-one.

My little girl cat, Pandora, is very cute. She is solid black, has a pug face and big wide yellow eyes. She is slim and not fat at all, but she does have a big loose pocket of skin underneath her belly that sways side to side when she trots to the food dish. She was VERY skittish when I got her before Christmas in 1999. She was abandoned in the parking lot of the apartment complex that I lived in at the time. My other two cats hated her, and they didn’t really like me either. I got them from a family and the two never really took to me. My Pandora, however, needed someone on her side as the other two cats, mean as they were, became all out evil when she arrived. That is why I named her Pandora… because she was the most beautiful girl and she opened up a box of evil. So I would sit on the kitchen floor with her and gaurd her while she cautiously ate catfood. When she wasn’t eating food she would hide under the bed. I had to put water and food for her under the bed after a while because she wasn’t eating enough and the other cats harrassed her. However at night when I laid down for bed she’d jump on top with me and our nightly ritual of a minimum of five minutes of petting and then she’d go to sleep with me. She remained very skittish over time, if I moved to pet her too suddenly she’d flinch. But slowly she started to come out of her shell and I continued to baby her. When I got the little brat boy, he loved her from the start and always tried to play with her. She turned evil towards him but his kittenness won her over and she soon started to groom his oversized head on that little kitten body. Now the boy is twice as big as she is, has a belly like a taught drum over a bowling ball, and they initiate chases on each other. She’s come out of her shell even more. She’ll get into the middle of the floor and roll on her back, inviting me to come pet her. Of course I cannot resist. She has a spot under her ears that when I pet, her back leg acts like it is scratching it. It is automatic and cannot be helped. Even when I am holding her in my lap and she is grooming herself and her front paw rubs past that spot, I’ll feel the tremers of her back legs. She’s my cutie pie.

Checking into the neutering clinic it will cost me $25 to snip the boy. It isn’t money that I’ve got, but it MUST be done. There is nothing in the world like the smell of cat piss and it is driving me up the wall. He senses that I’m not entirely thrilled and so he’s pretty much kept his distance from me. Little goofball. Fortunately it is a gorgeous day today and I can open all the windows. It is a little cool and the sky has a luminous greyness to it. I can’t discern any specific clouds but it is all grey, some areas darker than others. The remaining golden and brown leaves on trees are highlighted even more. The rain lasted only a few minutes and was so soft that I had to cut off the radio and sit next to the window to actually hear it.

I’m going to check my mail now, then make myself a mocha, then it is either eading or writing… or both.


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