another long day

Up today and dressed in a short sleeved shirt and dockers and took off. Funny, it is 48 degrees outside and I’m perfectly fine with a short sleeved shirt. I went to Willies, again, and this time I talked to a manager. She didn’t have anything but said that she might have some part time work closer to Christmas. Okay, put me down. Maybe she’d call me for an interview in a couple weeks. Great, thanks a lot, have a nice day.

Then to the Personnel Source. I’ve been here several times before and I’ve always gotten very snobby treatment from them. But I came in, happy and cheerful and it was a different girl at the front desk. I was very friendly to her and she was friendly to me. What a change!!!! I filled out the info for them. The application they gave me this time was more geared to clerical work than the first one I filled out which was geared for general labor. I guess when she saw the job I did of data entry on my resume last month she went this route with me. Whatever, I don’t care as long as I get a job. Unfortunately, being Friday, everyone had gone so they’d get back to me next week.

Then it was off to the restaurants, all of which I’ve already been to. I stopped by the Wild Duck and lo and behold I actually talked to someone this time instead of getting blown off. She wrote some stuff on the top, but she also said that nothing was available now. After that it was the Electric Station and I caught the manager at the front. He was really friendly, but seemed utterly not interested in me at all. Then it was off to Steelhead. I talked to the bartender whom I deduced was either a head bartender or a manager. I told her of my willingness to work whatever and she wrote stuff in the margins of the resume. I think I made a good impresion with her, but again, nothing available at this time. Then it was the Lucky Noodle and the restaurant next to it, both the same, nothing available. Once again I applied at Joe Fed’s and the bartender, a well endowed woman indeed (grrrrr baby!) said that nothing was available. I stopped by Marche and applied. While the waitress was going to the back I opened the door in courtesy to a very attractive woman entering. She turned out to be the bartender. I sided up to the bar and talked to her, asking her for rumors of places hiring. She said that I was obviously ex-military, had a great smile, didn’t know of anything, but told me of the MIB security. The waitress came back and said that the manager was still in the back but that nothing was available anyway. Thanks. Then I went to the MIB and just caught the owner as he was ready to walk out and gave him my resume. He said that he had to go, but that he’d call me in the next couple of days, but that it was a really slow time of year. Then I walked to Good Times to see if Selena was on duty. No. So I gave my resume to the bar there. In leaving I noticed Jeff (former GM at Divas, currently at another strip club) and we talked a bit. He had called me on a reference for a former bartender of mine. I said that I couldn’t talk about her, but that I would not hire her again if the decision was mine. I think that is all that I can say about it. He told me of the move to hard alcohol bar in January and I offered my services in setting up the bar and training staff. I told him I’d help so that I could cause grief to Phil, bastard that he is. Then it was on to the bus and out to Fred Myer where I filled out an application and then back home. Now I am doing laundry and will get up early as hell tomorrow. The bus doesn’t run by the stadium as early as I need, so it looks like an hour walk. Okay… I’ll make some coffee and take the river path and enjoy the morning.

This yahoo radio is the coolest. The music is tailoring itself to my interest, which I rate genres and sub-genres and songs and artist and albums often… and it goes from Lords of Acid to Coltrane to Yngwie Malmsteen to Concrete Blonde (their new CD ROCKS) to Iron Maide to old Metalica to Motorhead to Etta James to Miles Davis to Enya. Oh yeah… I love the mix!

On the bus I sat across from an elderly woman who was by herself. She looked like she was in her 60’s or 70’s, wore a heavy pink jacket, and carried a backpack. In side that backpack she had two stuffed animals, a skunk and a chipmunk and she was very fond of those two stuffed animals. It was obvious that she had some sort of mental retardation, though what it was or what the cause was I could not determine. She spoke as though she could not move her tongue to form the words and often they were nothing more than odd sounds. Try to talk while keeping the tip of your tongue stuck to your teeth and you’ll be close. She hugged the chipmunk and then put it up the change it for the skunk. She was proud of them both and while most of the people on the bus offered a variety of expressions (from amusement to ignoring her to trying not to be bothered…), she noticed that I was looking right at her. I understood her enough to discern that she was telling that it was a skunk, but not a real one though. I said that I was glad that it was not a real skunk, picking up on the joke she was making. She laughed and said that if it were a real skunk she’d run. I told her that I would run too. She put the skunk out and took out the chipmunk again. She said that it was a chipmunk. I asked if it was either Chip or Dale (a Disney thing) and she didn’t catch it, saying that it was a chipmunk. I smiled at her, as if to say that I liked the chipmunk too. She turned to her chipmunk and put it up to her neck, like a favorite pet. She was silent for the most part but when we came upon a gas station which was closed and had a lot of construction trucks repairing a fallen telephone pole (on W 18th street) she became excited and appeared to be trying to say something like “oh my gosh, look at that. What can do something like that. That is awful. Look at that!” but I am only guessing, nothing she said was understandable at all, it was only groans and moans. She soon got off at a bus stop. A woman that I was sitting next to asked me what book I had. I showed her, it was “Wherever You Go, There You Are”, a book on mindfulness. She said that she had the book but that it had been some time since she’s read it. I told her that I was on my third reading of it. I said that it was a good counter to the pressures of looking for a job. I recommended the book “Zen Flesh Zen Bones” to her as well.

The bus emptied of most of its travellers en route to the Senaca Station. By the end there were only three of us on it. One guy with headphones on and he was lost in the music. A girl who was secretly eating and sniffling back a cold, and myself… enraptured at the sunset. The clouds for the day were the really high and delicate ones, the kind that are hardly visible during the day but catch the very last rays of the setting sun, already halfway to Japan, and reflecting red, orange, and crimson. The colors blended wonderfully with the already lavendar sky and the faint south hills. It was simply amazing to behold. I commented on the beauty of it and the girl glanced outside the window and did not know what I was referring to. She only scanned the parking lot for a nice looking car or something, then turned back to her food. I felt sorry for her then, that she couldn’t see such beauty in the sunset. The entire sky was now alit in a wonderful pink and lavendar glow. It was stunning.


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