2400 words tonight exactly. I am now up to 27 pages, 163 paragraphs (though some are short dialogue paragraphs), 17,262 words, and 784 minutes of editing time.

Not bad tonight. The force is moving forward and is near their objective. I’ve given some dialogue on the place of war and soldiers and find the dialogue between the captain and his corporal to be easy to write. The earlier intention of writing more from Jera’s point of view is not as easy at it would seem for thus far she is out in the forest alone. The connection of one person to the nature around them is a difficult thing to write of. Perhaps things will flesh out a bit when she comes into contact with the soldiers in their battle with the orcs.

Still, I am quite happy with myself thus far at being at 27 pages and 17,262 words. This is the most of a story that I’ve ever written and as things develop, I can see more areas to take them. I am somewhat torn… the climax that I am working to would make a good climax, yet my timing will put it in the middle of the 50,000 word booklet. So I really need to add more as I go along so that I will have more to build from. I took another fantasy book today, one of the stones of shanara (or whatever… I’ve never read it as I don’t have any of the book ones) and counted an average of ten words a line, forty lines per page, and about 400 pages. That made for 160,000 words in the book. Of course, trim this down for spaces, dialogue, and ends of chapters (I counted a full page of words). Still, a guess would put the word count of the book at about 125,000 words. That’s considerably a lot more than the paltry 17,000 that I’ve got now. But still, I’m happy. I’ve come this far.

While writing thus far, I wonder. I’ve looked at ads for writers workshops and retreats and such and such. And I wonder… if maybe the biggest thing isn’t so much learning to dot i’s and cross t’s, but instead paying enough attention to your self, investing it with enough experience of life so that you have something to draw from, and if while drawing from it you should just write in whatever voice is in your head, critics be damned.

Of course, what do I know… I’m not a published writer…

… yet.


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