off to the restaurant

I am soon to walk out the door to go to the restaurant and ask for a job. I am doubtful that I’ll get it, because I will not lie to the manager. Yes, I am overqualified for the job, yes I’ve got applications all over the place, yes if a bar position came open someplace I’d likely take it in a heartbeat. That is good enough reason not to hire me. The only positives is that I can do any job in the restaurant, exept the cook (I can’t cook Thai food) and should they need somebody at the drop of a hat for a shift, they’ve got another person (me) they can use.

I just got a call from Kelly Temp. There is a cabinet maker in town and one of the workers is taking off a few days. So I am going in tonight from 4 to midnight. I was asked if I knew how to read a tape measure. HA! Yes, learned it as a kid. Plus I have an idiots tape measure with all of the marks on it named. HA! The job only lasts six days and is $7 an hour. No prob, give it to me. I calculated money… it looks like I may be $40 short for rent, if I spend no money on food or anything. Crikey… I forgot an auto bill payment coming in the next week. Okay, make that $84 short. Still… its better shape than I was last night.

Speaking of last night, I had a bit of difficulty in getting to sleep. Thinking about what I was going to do and where I was going to go and all. But another series of thoughts entered my mind and it took me on a wild ride. It started out like this… I was thinking of my old squadron and the friends I had. I thought of Sgt Maines and his continued banter about how the F-4 was a cool jet. I thought about the difference between the airframe on it and the F/A-18. The high use of composite materials for the hornet helps in its weight. I thought of the composite resins used by the airframe shop, the fibrous material they worked with and how strong it was. Then I thought about new technology coming into the jets when I was leaving the Marines about bleeding airframes. There are lots of fiber optics throughout the airframes of the aircraft and you put the aircraft in a dark hangar and you can see spot where the light is bleeding through from wear and tear. Then there is directional vectored thrust which changes the direction and vortex of the thrust cones on the rear of the jet, making it even more maneuverable. Then I thought about starfighters in science fiction books and movies. Most of the ones that I’ve seen are still basically old school fighter planes with lasers on it. No advances in airframes or thrust or anything. I began to imagine directional thrust on a starfighter and this brought into mind on the effects of movement in space. Would the same effects be at work on a starfighter? No. For one, an aircraft when it must make a sudden drop in altitude will invert (go upside down) because the wings are designed for lift and to suddenly go down is to work against that design. So you see fighter pilots roll their aircraft upside down and pull back on the stick and climb upside down (going down). A starfighter wouldn’t need to do that. There are no wings for lift, it is all a matter of thrusters and in that case you’d have to make heavy use of thrusters. I got to thinking about turning on the Y axis while moving either along the X or Z axis and it seems that there is an effect. An aircraft turning along such has lower speed. If you are zooming along at mach, you cannot turn as fast. A starfighter could possibly turn around the Y axis just as fast if it were going fast or slow, only the turn radius itself would change as a function of speed, but not the rate of turn, whereas the aircraft’s does because the same forces giving it lift also impede its turning. I got to thinking about a baseball, spinning on a table, then imagining one being pitched by Randy Johnson and the effects of spin on the trajectory of the baseball. Then I got to thinking about combat turning radius and g force, altitude, angle of attack, all of this has an effect on the aircraft, but which ones would matter on the starfighter? One question bothered me. I understood Einstein’s problem where if you are on a train and you toss a ball up that it moves up (because the ball was moving along with you inside of the train all along). But I wondered about droplets of water sitting inside of a space shuttle. The space shuttle is sitting still in space and drops of water are floating in the air. Suddenly the thrusters are turned on and the shuttle moves forward, do the water move along also, or do they slam into the back. Things that crossed my mind on this was that, the shuttle and the water are still moving as part of the solar system inside of the galaxy and so we cannot know if they are actually still or not, and two, the inside of the shuttle is its own environment, packed with oxygen and other stuff and just because there is on gravity doesn’t diminish the cohesive packing of everything inside the shuttle. This got me to thinking. One of the problems given by scientists on traveling at the speed of light to the nearest star system is that you’d have to start slowing down halfway there. Now, thinking of a starfighter moving at the speed of light, the question was now two for me. One, can we “package” the interior of the ship (or make a bubble around it) somehow that would have the same effect that made the water droplets inside of the shuttle move along with it (supposing that they did)? and two, what is time? My understanding was that time is a measurement length it takes something to get from point A to point B, but that time is not constant because the person travelling from A to B percieves the time as different as someone watching from point C. Sounds simple, but when I get further into it it gets quite tricky. I’ll leave this for Einstein. So can we slow down time for the person moving from A to B. It would have the effect of the person watching from point C as slowing down the traveller. The traveller would turn to watch the universe and see it speed up quite fast. Not quite the effect wanted in spacetravellers. I then thought about Stephen Hawkin’s “Brief History of Time” when he talked about the thereotical observations of a man moving into black hole, how the universe would see him trapped there forever, and he would see the universe speeding toward him into the black hole.

then I forced my thoughts to something else… and eventually fell asleep.


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